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Create value out
of old unused IT Assets

Dispose them off responsibly and improve your Sustainability and ESG Scores.

Think Recykal

– Asia's largest Circular Economy Marketplace







IT Peripheral

Recykal Makes IT Asset disposal Hassle-free, Compliant, and Cost effective.

Sustainable disposal of IT assets that also protect your organization’s security is complicated. That’s where Recykal’s dedicated IT Asset Disposal team can be your extended arm. From assessing your assets’ value, channelising them to authorised recyclers and refurbishers, till providing the certificate of recycling and data destruction, Recykal takes care of everything.

Besides that,

Here’s how Recykal can help you achieve your SDG and ESG Goals

Complete data erasure and destruction procedures in place

Recykal is an ITAD provider with a certified network of 500+ recyclers

IT equipment recycling by authorised recyclers in a safe and environmentally-responsible way

The additional benefits we offer

Coordination, Packaging & end-to-end Logistics
(Fulfilled by Recykal)
Order Tracking
(Powered by Recykal’s Proprietary Technology)
Holistic Sustainability
Compliance & Online Documentation
(Aligned to ESG & SDG Goals)
Storage with disposal of IT Asset inventory
(WIP at select locations)
Dedicated Client
Management Team
As a trustworthy ITAD partner, we ensure that your IT assets are retired right.

How to choose the right partner for your ITAD?

Features Recyclers/ Aggregator
Asset Disposal Companies
Marketplace options with SDG/ESG aligned goals
Quality Assessment Basic Basic Extensive & One time
Multi Location Disposal No Limited with 3rd- party intervention Yes
Holistic Solution for Waste Limited to E-Waste Limited to E-Waste Yes
Employee Waste Disposal Drive No No Yes
Certificate of Disposal/ Refurb Yes Yes Yes

Our Network

Our vision to create a sustainable future is supported by a well-connected ecosystem of committed partners.

Our Recognitions

Here’s how we can help you be ITAD responsible   


Our learnings from the field are here to
help us learn and grow

Sustainable ITAD

The key component for ESG-compliant organizations

Looking to meet your organization's ESG goals?
You’re in the right place. Learn how ITAD plays its role in making you a sustainable and ESG-compliant business.

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