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Recykal Whitepaper on What Does It Mean To Be Plastic Neutral?

Discover the imperative to combat plastic pollution head-on in our comprehensive whitepaper, What Does It Mean To Be Plastic Neutral?

Explore the groundbreaking concept of Plastic Neutrality, a transformative approach that measures, reduces, and offsets plastic footprints across industries.

Uncover the essential Three-step roadmap to achieving Plastic Neutrality, illustrated by Recykal’s impactful projects, including the innovative Impact Recovery Token.

Learn from a compelling case study of Licious, a leading online meat and seafood delivery brand, as they successfully navigate the path to Plastic Neutrality. 

Key Messages

Plastic Pollution: The Global Crisis

Emphasizes the need for immediate action against plastic pollution.

Understanding Plastic Neutrality

Defines plastic neutrality and highlights its potential to significantly reduce plastic waste.

The Pyramid of Sustainability

Introduce Plastic Neutrality as the first step towards building a sustainable organization

The Three Steps to Plastic Neutrality

Presents a practical roadmap for organizations to achieve plastic neutrality.

Recykal's Impact Recovery Token

Showcases Recykal’s solution for offsetting plastic footprint.

Impact Recovery

Explores various initiatives that offset plastic waste and create positive environmental impacts.


Navigating Sustainable Futures: Embracing Plastic Neutrality

Dive into the comprehensive whitepaper on plastic neutrality, explore the transformative concept of plastic neutrality, and learn how organizations can offset their plastic footprint to drive sustainability.