6 Reasons Why Plastic Recycling in India is Important

Importance of plastic recycling in India

| 4 Min read India is a rapidly developing nation. With development comes waste generation, and India is no exception. Right from municipal solid waste, plastic waste, to automobile waste, the amount of waste is expected to be 3 times by 2025. But what is the solution to this? Reduce-Reuse-Recycle – the 3R’s have held utmost significance in economies […]

Indirect costs of Improper Plastic Waste Disposal

close up photo of plastic bottle

| 4 Min read Plastic waste disposal has various direct and indirect impacts on the social, economic, and environmental aspects. With widely spoken direct effects of improper disposal widely being spoken, very little attention is given to the ‘indirect costs’. These costs have further cascading and roll-over effects on many other systems and individuals in them. Injuries to workers […]