Recycled cards for environment-friendly payments

| < 1 Min read Did you know? 6 billion payment cards are manufactured every year, around the world; Very few of which are recycled cards! These cards are replaced every few years, and an estimated 5.7 million tons of plastic, in the form of these cards, end up in landfills. Our payment cards debit or credit cards, loyalty cards, […]

Michelin uses Technology Innovation for a sustainable future

| 2 Min read Globally, more than 1 billion tyres reach their end-of-life each year, and the un-recycled Tyre waste has been identified as a global problem. Michelin, a leading tyre manufacturer has harnessed technology innovation and collaborations to help reduce waste. A worn-out tyre is often dumped in a landfill or burnt or occasionally recycled. Did you know […]

EPR and Sustainability As A Revenue Catalyst

| 2 Min read Over a decade ago, when sustainability was mentioned, no one bat an eye as it wasn’t gravely needed. With massive industrialization and urbanization, the quantity of waste being generated has increased manifold. The problem of waste can no longer be ignored. To curb this issue, the Govt of India has introduced Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) […]

Podcast with Dr. Swaminathan Sivaram on Sustainable consumption & circularity

| < 1 Min read On Episode 7 of the Recykal Rise podcast, we have with us Dr. Swaminathan Sivaram, sharing his views on Sustainable consumption & circularity. He is a renowned Indian polymer chemist, inventor, institution builder, and a former director of the National Chemical Lab, Pune. He has been awarded Padma Shri in 2006 for his contributions to […]

Podcast with Vipul Babu on Dow’s way of Sustainability

| < 1 Min read On  Episode 8 of the Recykal Rise podcast, we have with us Mr. Vipul Babu to share Dow’s way of Sustainability.  With over 13+ years of association with Dow, he is currently the Sales Director,  India subcontinent, Packaging, and Specialty Plastics. While devising the long term growth strategy, For Dow, Vipul is the bridge that […]

Podcast with Anirban Ghosh on Mahindra’s way of sustainability

| < 1 Min read This week’s episode guest is from an organization,  we must have all heard inspiring stories from- about how organizations run, their values, and what ideal leaders look like. And one such leader is Mr. Anirban Ghosh. The Chief Sustainability Officer with the Mahindra Group. He has Built a strategic approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, Initiated […]

Podcast with Anuj Sharma on Sustainable Fashion

| < 1 Min read We have talked about Plastics, Waste Management, Corporate Sustainability but today we are exploring a totally new dimension – Sustainable Fashion. On Episode 15 of the Recykal Rise podcast, which incidentally coincides with 15th August, we have with us Anuj Sharma, the founder of a Sustainable Fashion Brand called Button Masala in 2009, which is […]

Podcast with ‘Plastic Man of India’ on Invention from plastic

| < 1 Min read In Episode 3 of the Recykal Rise podcast, we have with us an Indian scientist who has worked mainly in waste management Padma Shri Dr. Rajagopalan Vasudevan, fondly known as the ‘Plastic Man of India’ A retired chemistry professor, Dr. Vasudevan is known for devising an innovative way of disposing of plastic waste – by […]

Podcast with Nina Van Toulon on Climate Change & Sustainability

| < 1 Min read On Episode 11 of the Recykal Rise podcast, we have with us Nina Van Toulon, Founder of Indonesia waste platform and Co-founder of International Waste Platform Nina herself is a global citizen, with homes in Asia and  Europe. Her calling, which has been to work in the sustainability sector, took her from Holland to Hong […]