Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability: Green Growth at the Forefront of Union Budget 2023

| 3 Min read As the excitement and anticipation for the 2023 Union Budget grew, everyone from the common person to industry leaders awaited its unveiling. At Recykal, we were no exception as we eagerly looked forward to the progress and advancements in the green economy. And when the moment finally arrived, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, the Union Minister of […]

How Consumers Can Drive Change With a Circular Mindset?

Circular mindset

| 3 Min read The world we live in is experiencing a growing environmental crisis, with natural resource extraction tripling since the 1970s. This calls for conscious efforts from governments, businesses and consumers to adopt a circular mindset and tackle the issue at the root-level. With a circular mindset, consumers can drive businesses to adopt circular practices and promote […]

The circular economy in India: Exploring Circular jobs and economic growth.

| 3 Min read India’s transition to a circular economy holds immense potential for creating circular jobs and driving sustainable economic growth. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, up to 50 million jobs can be generated with a projected economic impact of $15 trillion.  ILO(International labour estimates) also estimates that the shift towards green and sustainable […]

Positive Impact of the Circular Economic Model on Climate Change & Resource Conservation

Circular Economic Model

| 3 Min read The circular economic model is a transformative approach to traditional linear economic systems that is gaining momentum in the business and policy spheres. It is a new way of thinking about how we produce, consume, and discard goods and services, with a potential to create a more sustainable future. According to a report by Circularity […]

Circular Economy in Action: Real-life examples and case studies

Circular economy in action

| 3 Min read The circular economy in action is a model that emphasizes prolonged resource use, maximizing value during use, and recovering and regenerating resources at end-of-life. It is gaining popularity for its economic and environmental benefits, and is projected to result in $624 billion in savings by 2050 in sectors such as food and agriculture, building, and […]

Adopting the Right Circular Economy Strategy for your Business

| 4 Min read A circular economy is a new-age economic system in which resources are utilized to their fullest potential before being regenerated, thus maximizing their value and longevity. This approach stands in contrast to the traditional linear economy, which, according to a study by the UN Environment, is responsible for about 53% of the world’s carbon emissions. […]

Understanding the circular economy: Why it matters and how it works

| 4 Min read The concept of circular flow for materials and energy is not new, having initially appeared in a book by Kenneth E. Boulding in 1966, who says that we should be in a “cyclical” production system. And the phrase “circular economy” originally appeared in the book “The Economics of Natural Resources” in 1988. In brief, The […]

An Introduction to Plastic Credits

| 3 Min read Plastic pollution is a major environmental concern, with plastic waste accumulating in our oceans, rivers, and landscapes, and the world produces 380 million tonnes of plastic waste each year. One innovative approach to solving this issue is to use plastic credits to provide an ethical and sustainable solution to the problem of plastic pollution. It is an […]

Improve Employees’ Sustainability Literacy to meet ESG goals

| 2 Min read The corporate responsibility ecosystem has evolved rapidly in recent years. Due to this, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) measures are no longer just a nice-to-have for a business but must-haves to gain a competitive advantage.  An organization’s ESG strategy has become increasingly important for its financial performance and reputation, scrutinized heavily by stakeholders like investors, […]