Podcast with Dr. Sameer Joshi on Waste as a Resource

| < 1 Min read In Episode 2 of Recykal Rise, we have with us Dr. Sameer Joshi, who works extensively on Plastic Waste Management, to speak on “Waste as a Resource”. He is a Member of various Environmental and Plastics Committees, Boards at both the State and Central levels. He is an advisor to Plastic Recycling Startups and a […]

Podcast with Ulhas Parlikar on Waste for co-processing

| < 1 Min read In episode 9 of Recykal Rise, we have with us Mr. Ulhas Parlikar. A subject matter expert with Nearly 4 decades of experience in various sectors, he has and continues to serve in many panels, be it academic or industry, center or state level, national or international forums- be it management of plastic wastes, waste […]

Podcast with Vinodh Bodhankar on Water Literacy

| < 1 Min read On Episode 5 of the Recykal Rise podcast, we have with us Mr. Vinodh Bodhankar Co-Founder and  Joint Director, Sagarmitra Abhiyaan. He is here to share his views on Water Literacy. Recipient of JAL RISHI SAMMAN 2017 at National Convention on DROUGHT FREE INDIA! A man who is so closely associated with Water be it […]

Podcast with Dr.Suneel Pandey on Green Growth & Innovation

| < 1 Min read On Episode 4 of the Recykal Rise podcast, we have with us Dr. Suneel Pandey speaking to us on Green Growth & Innovation. Dr. Suneel Pandey is Senior Fellow and Director, Environment & Waste Management Division, TERI. In addition, he is Adjunct Faculty at the TERI School of Advanced Studies. He has more than 25 […]

Podcast with Dr. GD Yadav on Learning Waste Management

| < 1 Min read On Episode 6  of the Recykal Rise podcast, we have with us Dr. GD Yadav, who will share his insights on Learning Waste Management. Dr. Yadav has been conferred the Padma Shri in 2016 for his outstanding contribution to Science and Engineering. He is one of the most prolific academician-cum administrators who is internationally recognized […]

Podcast with Dr. Swaminathan Sivaram on Sustainable consumption & circularity

| < 1 Min read On Episode 7 of the Recykal Rise podcast, we have with us Dr. Swaminathan Sivaram, sharing his views on Sustainable consumption & circularity. He is a renowned Indian polymer chemist, inventor, institution builder, and a former director of the National Chemical Lab, Pune. He has been awarded Padma Shri in 2006 for his contributions to […]

Podcast with Vipul Babu on Dow’s way of Sustainability

| < 1 Min read On  Episode 8 of the Recykal Rise podcast, we have with us Mr. Vipul Babu to share Dow’s way of Sustainability.  With over 13+ years of association with Dow, he is currently the Sales Director,  India subcontinent, Packaging, and Specialty Plastics. While devising the long term growth strategy, For Dow, Vipul is the bridge that […]

Podcast with Anirban Ghosh on Mahindra’s way of sustainability

| < 1 Min read This week’s episode guest is from an organization,  we must have all heard inspiring stories from- about how organizations run, their values, and what ideal leaders look like. And one such leader is Mr. Anirban Ghosh. The Chief Sustainability Officer with the Mahindra Group. He has Built a strategic approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, Initiated […]

Podcast with Vivek Gurav on Community-Led Sustainability

| < 1 Min read In episode 13 of Recykal Rise, we have an Environmentalist from Pune, Mr. Vivek Gurav. A 24-year-young software engineer, who has started a movement called  Pune Ploggers in Oct 2019. Vivek Gurav through Pune Ploggers has collected over 40,000 kgs of waste and sent it to recycling. Vivek Gurav has represented India at the MYWorld2030 […]

Podcast with an International Icon of Recycling – Ryan Hickman

| < 1 Min read While most of us are searching for our purpose in life even at 30 years, this little boy had it figured out when he was 3 years old. In case it sounds unbelievable, let me repeat that for you, a 3-year-old boy, woke up one morning and said he wants to build his life around […]