4 reasons why EPR is the solution to plastic recycling

EPR is the solution for plastic recycling

| 3 Min read EPR and Plastic Recycling? The Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR is a precursor to Plastic Recycling. In a country that produces more than 3.3 million tonnes of plastic every year, EPR is a policy tool that will help in enabling Plastic Recycling. Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR as the name suggests, is the responsibility of […]

Extended Producer Responsibility: Status around the world

Extended Producer Responsibility

| 5 Min read EPR or Extended Producer Responsibility is a policy approach that shifts the responsibility of a product post the end-of-use of a product to the producers. This is termed as an ‘upstream shift’ of the responsibility from the municipalities to the producers. WWF has identified EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) as an effective and most critical policy […]

How is Plastic Waste a Resource?

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| 3 Min read Waste as a resource? Sounds a little confusing and contradictory, right? How could waste be a treasure? Most of us have come across the quote, “One man’s waste is another man’s treasure.” The same logic applies to waste as well. So, how can we consider plastic waste as a resource? Here are the top 3 […]

5 Reasons for Digitization of Plastic Waste Recycling

| 4 Min read Digitization or Digital Transformation (DT) is very important to any sector. In this context, the Recycling Industry will vastly benefit from the transformation through efficiency building, creating consistency and quality in the process. DT of the plastic waste recycling sector in India will pave way for new frontiers and opportunities which will help address the […]

Global EPR Treaty for Plastic waste: Is it time?

| 5 Min read ‘There is no time to waste’. The fast pace of plastic production and generation of plastic waste combined with improper disposal of the waste generated is a cause of concern. There is an urgent need for a Global Treaty or Agreement addressing and curbing the growing waste in the world. The blog is our take […]

6 Lesser-known Facts about Plastic Waste Pollution

| 3 Min read We all hear a lot about how much pollution, littered plastic waste is causing. We do our bit by putting the plastic waste from our homes in the recycling bins. This gives us the satisfaction that we have taken some action. But, have you ever wondered what happens to waste once you dispose of it? […]

EPR Registration for Plastic waste in India

EPR Registration in India

| 3 Min read Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR around the world and in India is considered to be one of the most effective tools for effective waste management, especially for Plastic. In this regard, EPR Registration has been made mandatory for Producers, Importers, and Brand Owners (PIBOs) by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). To begin with, EPR […]

What happens after Waste Collection?

| 4 Min read You sorted your waste at source – plastic waste, e-waste, solid waste, kitchen waste, and so on. You disposed of the waste in their respective bins. The garbage truck comes for waste collection, picks them up, and goes off. Now it’s up to the Local Municipality or Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) to take over. What […]

Microplastics – A Result of Plastic Waste

single-use plastic, plastic products, plastic cutlery,

| 3 Min read The term microplastic is self-explanatory. They are small pieces of plastic waste that are less than 5mm in size (0.2 inches). You can imagine how small. Most times, we might not even be able to see them clearly or identify them. Microplastics, these days, are found almost everywhere. From plastic bags, clothing, cosmetics, and other […]

Global Plastic Pollution: Is EPR a solution?

Global Plastic Pollution

| 3 Min read Global Plastic Pollution has a new meaning since the last decade. The rate of plastic disposal and the rise of litter in the environment has increased drastically over the last 15 years. Ocean, which is the earth’s last sink, has been at the receiving end of this pollution. On average, 11 million tonnes of plastic […]