Innovations for Effective Plastic Waste Management

Innovations for Effective Plastic Waste Management

| 3 Min read Plastic Waste Management is an integral part that should be focused on & processed for productive plastic waste control. It needs implementation of proper actions right from the plastic waste inception to its final discarding. It is very crucial to understand the amount of damage occurring to our planet because “Convenience at the expense of the […]

How do Oil prices impact PET Plastic Recycling Industry?

Impact of oil prices on recycled PET

| 3 Min read The oil prices have a direct impact on the PET Plastic Recycling Industry. But why? PET or Poly Ethylene Terephthalate is made from the by-products of crude oil/ petroleum extraction. When the prices for oil fall, there is a fall in the costs of virgin PET plastic manufacturing. This is a positive for the virgin […]

4 reasons why EPR is the solution to plastic recycling

EPR is the solution for plastic recycling

| 3 Min read EPR and Plastic Recycling? The Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR is a precursor to Plastic Recycling. In a country that produces more than 3.3 million tonnes of plastic every year, EPR is a policy tool that will help in enabling Plastic Recycling. Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR as the name suggests, is the responsibility of […]