Global Plastic Pollution: Is EPR a solution?

Global Plastic Pollution

| 3 Min read Global Plastic Pollution has a new meaning since the last decade. The rate of plastic disposal and the rise of litter in the environment has increased drastically over the last 15 years. Ocean, which is the earth’s last sink, has been at the receiving end of this pollution. On average, 11 million tonnes of plastic […]

Extended Producer Responsibility: A World View

Global perspective of Extended Producer Responsibility

| 5 Min read What is Extended Producer Responsibility? Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR is an environmental protection strategy or policy tool used by governments around the world. EPR has been adopted for many categories of waste, with plastic and e-waste being the predominant group of waste products. There are roughly 14 categories of waste which include bulky, difficult […]

Sustainable Packaging

| < 1 Min read The rise of e-commerce has led to the growing demand for packaging and protective fillers, which are often disposed of improperly or use plastic material in its make. As a result, there is an increasing amount of packaging waste being generated around the world. Is sustainable packaging the next step? The plastic waste disposed of […]

HUL takes A Bold Decision to recover 100% Plastic Waste

| 2 Min read A linear economy is a concept that the majority of the world is familiar with. A brand takes raw material, makes usable products that are discarded or thrown into waste bins post usage. Sound fair enough, right. But the major problem linear economy poses is the rising heaps of waste that cause plastic pollution on […]

Plastic Waste Management and EPR fulfillment for Producers & Brands

| 3 Min read The CPCB’s proposed rules for managing plastic waste in India, use Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) as an important policy mechanism. EPR is modeled to assist Producers, Importers, and Brand Owners (PIBOs) in effectively implementing a plastic waste management system for the waste generated from their products.  Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR as the name suggests, […]

An Overview on the Plastic Waste Management Rules (Amendment)March 2021

| 3 Min read The latest amendment to the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 was released on 11th March 2021 which is called Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules, 2021. Below is a brief overview of plastic waste management rules recently amended. The PLASTIC WASTE MANAGEMENT RULES (Amendment) March 2021, has given more clarity on roles and responsibilities, along with […]

EPR Benefits for your Brand

| 2 Min read Extender producer responsibility (EPR) is a rule passed by the Govt. of India to ensure brands take responsibility for their post-consumer use of packaging waste. EPR benefits for your brand far outweigh the challenges in its implementation. It enables the creation of a circular economy which is created by channelizing plastic and e-waste and ensuring […]

EPR and Sustainability As A Revenue Catalyst

| 2 Min read Over a decade ago, when sustainability was mentioned, no one bat an eye as it wasn’t gravely needed. With massive industrialization and urbanization, the quantity of waste being generated has increased manifold. The problem of waste can no longer be ignored. To curb this issue, the Govt of India has introduced Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) […]

New Disposal System to Channelise e-waste in Singapore

| 2 Min read Singapore recently announced the implementation of a new system to collect electronic and electrical waste, which will include collection drives and door-step pick-ups, and repositories in public areas. An island city, known for its state of the art Infrastructure, tourist destinations, IT industry, and fascinating ways of waste management. However, did you know Singapore’s e-waste […]