An Introduction to e-Waste

| 3 Min read Have you ever wondered what happens to your favourite laptop after you throw it away? If thrown into the garbage bin, it goes straight to landfills. If given off to an e-waste collector, they will send it to recyclers. There are different paths these electronic and electrical waste goes in, depending on how they are […]

5 Steps of Waste Management for Bulk Waste Generators

| 3 Min read Bulk Waste generators as the name suggests are generators of waste in large quantities on a daily basis, and according to rules they are required to follow effective waste management practices: Ensure waste segregation in your premises Ensure 100% recycling of plastic waste Ensure appropriate disposal channels, especially for e-waste Wondering if you are a […]

The Great Business Opportunity in Asia Nobody is Talking About – Part 1

| 2 Min read Asia is marching forward as the torchbearer for developing economies. China and India are leading up from the front and countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand are fast catching up, attracting FDIs and witnessing higher GDP growth rates than the global average. The development which, at a macro level, is indicated by rapid urbanization, […]

Recycle your E-waste today!

| 5 Min read Businesses and organisations around the world are heavily reliant on electronics for day-to-day activities, requiring them to have fast, latest and new-age technology. With growing innovations in technology, older equipment, and other electrical and electronic waste is often discarded through improper channels, resulting in widespread dumping in landfills. What is the solution? Recycle your e-waste […]

Plastic Waste Management and EPR fulfillment for Producers & Brands

| 3 Min read The CPCB’s proposed rules for managing plastic waste in India, use Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) as an important policy mechanism. EPR is modeled to assist Producers, Importers, and Brand Owners (PIBOs) in effectively implementing a plastic waste management system for the waste generated from their products.  Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR as the name suggests, […]

EPR Benefits for your Brand

| 2 Min read Extender producer responsibility (EPR) is a rule passed by the Govt. of India to ensure brands take responsibility for their post-consumer use of packaging waste. EPR benefits for your brand far outweigh the challenges in its implementation. It enables the creation of a circular economy which is created by channelizing plastic and e-waste and ensuring […]

New Disposal System to Channelise e-waste in Singapore

| 2 Min read Singapore recently announced the implementation of a new system to collect electronic and electrical waste, which will include collection drives and door-step pick-ups, and repositories in public areas. An island city, known for its state of the art Infrastructure, tourist destinations, IT industry, and fascinating ways of waste management. However, did you know Singapore’s e-waste […]

All you need to know about your EPR Action Plan

| 3 Min read In a bid to effectively manage plastic waste generated, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) further amended the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 (PWM), and released a detailed list of changes to the rules – Overview of the amendments to PWM,2016. Along with amendments two important documents were released in late March 2021, One requiring […]