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Plastic Neutrality

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Your Journey to Becoming
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The Perfect Program for your School's Sustainability needs...

Program Commencement

Once school administrators set awareness module timelines and finalise the collection drive date, the program begins. Admins then share the Rethink+ app link with their students.

Digital Awareness Drive

Students are expected to finish the learning modules and attempt pop quizzes by Day 13.

Collection Drive

Students bring in waste material during Collection drive. Information on the type of waste is passed on by Coordinators in school assembly and also via Rethink+ app

Program Conclusion

Students get rewarded with Stationery based on the weight of material they bring in. Certificates get Issued via Rethink+ which can be shared across various social channels

Customized learning experiences designed for students of class groups 1 to 12. Ensuring relevance and engagement.

Data visualisation, sharing Sustainable/sustainability achievements in the public domain, while fostering awareness and driving positive changes.

Practical sustainable literacy cultivates the ability to positively contribute to their communities and beyond.

Sustainability nurtures the long-term well-being of ecosystems, diversity, and biodiversity. By adopting simple habits, we can make a significant difference. One effective practice is to turn off taps when they are not in use.

Plastic pollution is a pressing environmental issue take responsibility for your brand's impact and make the switch to plastic neutrality.

Recykal’s Roadmap
to Conscious Businesses

Developing businesses with plastic neutrality at its core

Brands' guide to plastic neutrality

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Why is becoming plastic neutral

Reduce environmental impact, improve reputation,
and stay compliant with regulations

65% of millennial consumers prefer conscious businesses

66% of global investors want to build a green portfolio

Countries are promoting policies on circular economy

3% cost savings by sustainable manufacturing practices

How to grow beyond neutrality?

Be a part of a lasting environmental change
that your customers will appreciate for decades to come

Your Guide to Becoming a Plastic Neutral Brand

Be a part of a lasting environmental change
that your customers will appreciate for decades to come.

Be a part of a lasting environmental change that your customers will appreciate for decades to come.

The Perfect Program for your School's Sustainability needs...


Develop foundations in sustainability by consuming content via assisted learning journey tailor-made for each class


Acquire a shareable certificate accredited by Recykal, recognizing and commending your active involvement.

Measure ​

Analyse your progress and know where you stand among your peers via class-wise/school-wise leaderboards

Achieve Transformative Outcomes for your School

Case Studies of exemplary brands that picked plastic as their purpose.


Bring in Empowerment

Attract Conscious Talent

Create press opportunities

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