Refund Policy for Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)

1. Applicability
This policy is applicable on all the Deposit return scheme operated by Rapidue Technologies Private Limited
(Hereinafter Called ‘Recykal’ or ‘Company’) in India.

‘Company’ means Rapidue Technologies Private Limited
‘Collection Centre’ means authorized area or place designated by Company for the collection of Plastic waste
under this scheme.
‘Deposit Return Scheme or DRS’ means a scheme where Company will be receiving a deposit from the
purchaser or user of product packed with Plastic Material and refund the same once the plastic packets are
returned to collection center post consumption or otherwise by any person.
‘Product’ means Product packed with plastic packaging which has ability to generate Plastic waste and is
identified by company eligible for DRS from time to time.
‘QR Code’ means a scannable bar code generated by Company or its authorised vendor for the purpose of
sticking the same to packaging of Product in order to link with software-based system for the purpose of
identifying the eligible product in the DRS.
‘Refund’ means a return of amount of deposit received against the valid QR Code, to the returnee of waste
with a valid QR code, either through Banking Channel or by Cash
‘Valid QR Code’ means a QR Code on which refund has been claimed and Company has not paid or refunded
the deposit linked to QR Code during the valid period of DRS.
‘Waste’ means plastic packaging product identifies by Company for the purpose of DRS

2. Refund Mechanism for Banking channel
Company will be paying the refund of deposit collected against the QR code issued by the Company under the DRS
and kept in a separate Bank Account subject to the following condition: –
. Refund will be issued from the bank account where deposit against the QR code is deposited.
. Refund will be initiated only against the valid QR Code. Company will be confirming the validity of QR
  Code by scanning the same through their computer system.
. QR code shall accompany the waste under the DRS.
. Refund can be done through unique UPI provided by returnee of Waste having valid QR Code.
. Refund will be given during the duration of DRS operated by Company.
. Refund will be initiated from the authorized collection center of the Company.
. Refund will be paid on real time basis.
. Refund may be delayed due to technical issue or otherwise from Banking channel and Internet Service

3. Limitation of Liability
Liability of Company for the purpose of refund against each or combination of several QR code shall be limited
to the deposit received against such QR code.

4. Dispute Settlement

Any person may contact to Company in reference to ambiguity or query related to this refund policy on below
given details: –
Rapidue Technologies Private Limited
134/2, Platinum Street, Hi-Tech city, Whitefield, opp. SLN Terminus, Kondapur, Telangana 500032
—Phone No–
Decision of Company shall be final on any query or ambiguity raised related to this refund policy.

5. Jurisdiction
All and any matters relating to this Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws
of India. The Parties submit and agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts at Hyderabad,