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Rapidue Technologies Pvt Ltd – referred as “ Recykal ” encourage and empower our employees to identify,
understand and mitigate, when possible, the safety risks associated with their roles. We promote our
“speak-up” culture, so employees report all potential and actual risks and incidents. We also provide a
culture that promotes physical and mental well-being to help our employees live healthy, full, and
productive lives.
Integrating Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) policy is how we do business. We use EHS goal setting and
achievement as a driver of culture, innovation, and sustainable growth within all areas of our business. We
believe that progress toward our goals should be transparent and accessible to all our associates.
This Policy applies to all directors, employees of all Recykal entities, subsidiaries, and joint ventures over
which Recykal has operational control (collectively “Associates”).
Key Definitions:
Occupational health and safety Conditions and factors that affect or could affect the health and safety of
employees or associate working at Client Location or other workers (including temporary workers and
contractor personnel), visitors or any other person in the workplace.
Any physical location in which work related activities are performed under the control of the organization
or client.
Surroundings in which the organization operates, including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna,
humans, and their interrelation.
Guiding Principles:
Recykal knows that protecting shared natural resources enhances the quality of life for Associates, clients
and the community. Acting in a responsible and sustainable manner creates new business and social
opportunities, increases shareholder value, and enhances our brand and reputation with multiple
stakeholder groups while protecting the environment and natural resources simply for the sake of
recognizing their immeasurable value.

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Recykal is committed to:
• Conducting business in a manner that meets our global Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)
• Complying with all applicable environmental compliance and regulatory obligations in the
management of our operations.
• Protecting the health and safety of our Associates, clients and the community and environment in
which we operate.
• Continually striving to achieve excellence in the implementation of environmental, occupational
health and safety practices, and leveraging well-defined organizational policies.
• Fostering a strong organizational culture around EHS matters through effective communication
among management, employees, and other stakeholders as well as training of Associates on EHS
standards, policy, and practices.
• Having a risk-based process in place for the identification, classification, prioritization and control
of hazards and risks and socializing this process with Associates and/or their representatives and
other stakeholders on EHS matters to ensure integration into business decisions.
• Encouraging suppliers and subcontractors to consider environmental factors and mandating
compliance with Recykal’s Supplier Code of Conduct.
• Protect valuable natural resources: water, air and soil from contamination/degradation through
products, services, processes.
• Take precautions to avoid environmental pollution.
• Protect natural resources to the maximum extent by waste sorting and recycling, and by effective
management of energies and water.
• Optimize technologies and formulations, operate equipment and technologies in accordance with
the environmental protection and occupational safety rules.
• Employ / engage capable and trained human resources and shall build competency by providing
necessary awareness and culture building activities on environment, health, and safety.
• Encourage/support the adoption of an environment friendly approach by suppliers, contractors,
and partners for commitment of management and all stakeholders to the cause of protecting the
• Strongly opposes the use of forced labour and child labor and does not employ persons below 18
years of age, and mandate that suppliers, contractors, and partners do not employee child labor
and forced labor and comply with the local laws in this regard.
• Recykal and its partners strongly oppose gender-based violence and harassment, and mandate that
its vendor(s) will oppose gender-based violence and harassment.
• Recognizes that all employees have a right to work in an environment in which the dignity of
individuals is respected and which is free from harassment. It is committed to eliminating
intimidation or harassment of or in any form.
Committed to being an equal opportunity employer and does not
discriminate against any employee or job applicant because of his or her community, color, religion,
national origin, gender, orientation, or age.
• Safeguard the interests of stakeholders and affected communities through periodic engagement
participation and information disclosure, and effective management of grievances resulting from
operations and services as well as any unplanned events.
• Maintain the identity, dignity, and human rights of all the employees and implement necessary
safeguards for the protecting the human rights of employees.
• Disclose and report information to apprise relevant environmental, health and safety and social
information to relevant stakeholders, and especially to the impacted community.

Disciplinary Consequences
Subject to local laws and regulations, a violation of this policy could result in disciplinary action, up to and
including termination. If you are aware of a violation of this policy, you have an obligation to report it to
the Company. As stated in Recykal’s Whistleblower Policy, Recykal does not tolerate retaliation against any
individual who submits a good faith report of a violation or possible violation of law, the Code of Ethics, or
other Recykal policies.
To report a possible violation of this policy, disciplinary@recykal.com.