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Not just a Plastic Offset Platform,
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Reduce environmental impact,
improve reputation,
and stay compliant with regulations

65% of millennial consumers prefer conscious businesses

66% of global investors want to build a green portfolio

Countries are promoting policies on circular economy

3% cost savings by sustainable manufacturing practices

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Your Guide to Becoming a Plastic Neutral Brand

Be a part of a lasting environmental change
that your customers will appreciate for decades to come.

Become a Sustainability Leader

Case Studies of exemplary brands that picked plastic as their purpose

Brands pick plastic as their purpose
and take tangible action against the plastics crisis

Acme Corp negates their plastic footprint and empowers 20,000+ informal waste pickers

Through awareness, and inclusivity brands have empowered the informal sector, with their daily incomes increasingby 50%

A socially and environmentally-driven value based model that improved the daily income of the informal waste pickers by 50%

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Our Award-winning Solutions provide Services from Compliance to Fulfilment for your brand

Our award-winning solutions provide services from
Compliance to Fulfilment for your brand

Digitally Enabled Transparency

Our EPR Loop solution helps you TRACK, and TRACE your Targets, Transactions and Performances

Hassle-free compliance


We use digital technology to ensure you achieve EPR compliance across PAN

State-wise ULB

We provide you access to a network of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) across 30+ States and UTs in India⁤

We provide you access to a network of
Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) across 30+
States and UTs in India⁤

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