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How does IT asset management help achieve sustainability and ESG goals?

The growing concern for immediate action on climate change and the increased focus on companies addressing it thrust the IT asset management industry into the spotlight.

Investors have been prioritizing long-term sustainability since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. They are actively seeking ESG-responsible companies to invest in, and the appetite for these strategies is growing.


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Therefore, IT asset managers have significant challenges in developing business models for a new trend of ESG-focused investment. Achieving this implies long-term and strategic decisions about their approach to ESG and market positioning, which distinguishes them from other companies.

How has the perspective for ITAM changed w.r.t COVID-19?

Due to Covid 19, there were concerns that many companies would face an existential crisis and their focus would be on profit-making. However, following the Covid surge, inclusive capitalism, which was popular in the 1950s, has made a comeback by prioritizing ESG issues such as climate change, diversity, and human rights.


IBM institute for business value found that 93% of global respondents said the pandemic influenced their views on sustainability.


Companies focussing on ESG and sustainability can begin from the technology assets they use to run the businesses. This proves to be a starting point to make a positive impact on the environment and the world we are living in.

Can responsible ITAD help achieve sustainability and ESG goals?

ITAM is crucial in determining whether the organisation is dedicated to sustainability and ESG goals because that’s essential to how potential consumers, partners, and investors evaluate corporate performance.


Most significantly, investors are eager to invest in companies prioritizing ESG and sustainability.


Even if it means sacrificing short-term profits, 78% of investors want companies to prioritize environmental, social, and governance activities, yet, only 55% of enterprises are ready to do so.

How IT asset management helps businesses achieve ESG and sustainability goals?

ITAM leaders believe that asset management professionals with the right motivation may develop a more sustainable approach to IT asset usage. They understand that optimizing IT asset consumption is crucial, but so is making intelligent decisions about asset sourcing and disposal.

ITAM contributes to sustainability by addressing critical issues such as environmental health and asset management. Keep track of what assets are owned, how they are utilized and configured, who is using the asset, and where it is in its lifespan.


To become an ESG and sustainability organization without compromising their solutions, ITAM professionals must be well-equipped to develop sustainable solutions inside their asset management.

Use IT assets wisely during their lifetime

Being a sustainable ITAM entails being far more knowledgeable about how your assets are utilized and maintained throughout your lives. Keeping track of asset utilization data allows you to identify investments that require less care and maintenance, consume less energy, and operate past their internal expiry dates.


Understanding the processes involved in asset management and seeking environmentally appropriate solutions to dispose of them is critical.


This can be done by: 
  • Avoiding printing, substituting it with electronic devices.
  • Offsetting carbon emissions
  • Buying low-power devices and supporting proactive power management for all IT assets

When disposing of IT assets, make more informed decisions

When an asset nears the end of its useful life, we have many options for what to do next. If an asset must be retired, it is important to determine if it should be cleaned and repurposed for unimportant commercial purposes. If an asset must be disposed of, it is essential to ensure that it is recycled or adequately processed for re-use.


So, it is critical to know 

  • Using an existing one rather than purchasing a brand-new one
  • Recycling and disposing of assets via appropriate channels
  • Donating devices to other communities

IT Asset Disposal made easy

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