No separate
reverse logistics

FMCG companies have not
invested enough for reverse
pickup, unlike forward logistics
which is used in the distribution
of goods to retailer location
through distribution systems.

No mechanism for
pick-up of expired or
damaged products

Damaged and expired products are
brought back in the distribution
chain on an ad hoc basis. Dealers or
retailers do not have the
mechanism to raise a request for
pick up for such materials.

ecosystem for

There is no ecosystem in place
for take-back programs from
consumers directly in absence
of tertiary sales data.

Lack of traceability
in material flow

No visibility into the movement of
materials from pick up location to
the next hop where it is brought or
further movement of the same

Difficulty in
measuring consumer
awareness from

Inability to incentivize consumers
for responsible post usage disposal.
Also, measuring the extent of
awareness generated from various
online and offline campaigns is very

Lack of a formal
system for
disposing of

Recyclables generated during
manufacturing and packaging are
disposed of by informal channels,
therefore, lacking visibility of
sustainability impact created and
compliance related

How it works

Brand Sponsored
Takeback Programs
List Used and
Expired Products
Hassle Free Pickup
Reachout Your
Consumers Digitally


  • Reliable on-demand pickup
    Scheduling could never be easier. Slot-based convenient
    pick-up options are available for disposal of
    manufacturing and packaging recyclables generated by
    you. Get notified through SMS, email about pickup
    schedule and contact details responsible person for the
    pickup. Schedule for multi-location pickup as well.
  • Compliance certificates and
    sustainability reports
    Your business can be a sustainability champion. Track
    the environmental impact created by your business by
    disposing the manufacturing and packaging recyclables
    to the formal channel.
  • Take back of expired & damaged products
    Leverage technology to track, trace and get back all
    expired and damaged products to your desired
    location both from consumer and dealer locations.
    Single-click pick up request generation with complete
    traceability of pick up schedule
  • Connect with your users today
    Digitally connect with your users and customers, drive
    awareness programs and push digital content related to
    your company’s sustainability efforts
  • Fulfill your EPR targets
    Recykal platform connects waste generators with
    recyclers, thus helping both to close a transaction
    between them. Materials traded on the platform can be
    attributed to the fulfillment of your EPR targets by
    disclosing necessary deal-specific documentation and
    material movement details.
  • Participation in an ecosystem for
    customized take back solutions
    Launch your customized digital take back solution
    inviting participation from your consumers. Incentivize
    them by digital distribution of discount coupons for
    subsequent purchases. Provide options for doorstep
    pickup or drop at designated dealer locations