Worried about
responsible disposal
of recyclables

Enterprise businesses want to
dispose recyclables via formal
streams. They also need
documentation for material
movement as a compliance

Suffer from

It’s a challenge locating a
professional agency dealing with
recyclables to schedule a pickup.
The service is not available on
demand and businesses need
on-time service

Suffer from a
shortage of
storage space

Businesses need to
compulsorily declutter on a
periodic basis as there is never
any extra space available for
storing recyclables

Low prices for
disposing of

Businesses are not aware of the
market price for their recyclables
and end up giving it to informal
channels at very low prices

Lack of traceability
in material flow

Businesses do not know where
the recyclables sold by them end
up. Were they put for reuse via
responsible recycling or did they
end up in landfills or in the

Lack of formal
payment systems
and documentation

Payments from informal channels
continue to be done in cash with
improper taxation norms lacking
any traceability for past payments.
Further, necessary documentation
indicating material movement
outwards is needed

How it works

Get Best Prices For
Your Recyclables
Digital Payments
with Invoicing
Know Your
Sustainability Impact


  • Get the best prices for your recyclables
    We negotiate the best prices with our network of
    official recyclers and assure you the highest prices
    for your recyclables. Compare today!
  • Cashless transactions, 100%
    Get paid digitally. Proper accounting practices
    followed for GST and other invoicing
    norms. The weights are measured from calibrated
    electronic weighing instruments. Download weigh-bills,
    delivery challans in real time.
  • Choose the right category of recyclables
    Businesses can choose the product categories
    relevant for them which they generate periodically
    helping them to fetch the best market price
  • Reliable on-demand pickup
    Slot-based convenient pick-up options are
    available for you. Get notified through SMS,
    emails about pickup schedule and contact details
    for the pickup executive. Schedule multi-location
    pickup as well.
  • Compliance certificates and
    sustainability reports
    Your business can be a sustainability champion.
    Track and share the environmental impact created
    by your business by disposing of your recyclables
    via formal channels