Lacking ecosystem for

Electronics brands today lack a formal
mechanism for take-back and an ecosystem in
which consumers are guided and educated to
dispose of their end of life electronics products

Worried about EPR

While electronics manufacturers have EPR
targets to collect back end of life goods,
they do not have budgets for the take-back
or access to a formal take-back system
with options providing reverse logistics
from the consumer location

Unable to locate the user

In absence of direct customer information
electronics brands are not able to reach out to
its users in order to initiate the take back of
end of life products

Challenging coordination
among stakeholders

The disposal of end of life electronics requires a
coordinated effort between various
stakeholders - the generator, bulk generator,
reverse logistics provider, temporary storage
warehouses, authorized recycler or a dismantler.
The manufacturer needs serious efforts to
identify various stakeholders and coordinate
between them.

How it works

Brand Sponsored
Take Back Programs
List Electronic
Items to Discard
Hassle Free Pickup
Reachout Your
Consumers Digitally


  • Fulfill your EPR targets
    Recykal platform connects waste generators with
    recyclers to assist both entities to close a
    transaction between them. Materials traded on the
    platform can be attributed for the fulfillment of
    EPR targets by disclosing necessary
    documentation of the trade and related material
    movement details.
  • Take back of end of life products
    Leverage technology to track, trace and get
    back end of life products to your desired
    location both from consumers and from
    various dealer location. With single-click pick
    up request generation you also avail 100%
    traceability of the pick up schedules
  • Compliance certificates and
    sustainability reports
    Your business can be a sustainability champion.
    Track environmental impact created by your
    business by collecting and disposing of the
    electronics recyclables through formal channels
  • Reachout your consumers digitally
    Digitally reach-out to your customers, drive
    awareness programs and push digital content
    related to your company’s sustainability
  • Participation in an ecosystem for customized take back solutions
    Launch your customized digital take back solution inviting participation from your
    consumers. Incentivize users by digitally distributing discount coupons for subsequent
    purchases. Configure options for doorstep pickup or drop at designated dealer locations