Challenges for your EPR goals

Lack of formal takeback ecosystem
Lack of formal
takeback ecosystem
Lack of material traceability
Lack of material
Nascent reverse logistics mechanisms
Nascent reverse
logistics mechanisms
Lack of awareness among the consumers
Lack of awareness
among the consumers
Lack of consumer incentivization
Lack of consumer
Increased scrutiny and compliances
Increased scrutiny
and compliances

Our offerings

Designing EPR Plan
  • Drafting EPR Scheme of collection
  • Setting up collection network
  • Creating logistics mechanisms
Driving Awareness Programs
  • Leverage our customer engagement app
    with 400,000+ downloads - Run digital
    awareness campaigns
  • Customized physical awareness drives at
    schools, colleges, corporates, RWAs
  • Educate, involve bulk consumers, partner
    businesses in your sustainability efforts
Executing Takeback Programs
  • Connect with your consumers digitally in
    brand sponsored takeback programs
  • Offer customized takeback programs on
    your existing infrastructure
  • Incentivize consumers with Coupons,
    Cash backs
  • Run targeted takeback programs from
    Bulk Consumers, Processors
  • Track your collection as it goes from
    source to authorized recyclers, dismantlers
Fulfilling Compliance Requirements
  • Compliance services as per the new waste
    management rules
  • Dashboards to track your sustainability
    efforts in Real Time


  • Accelerated Collection
    Get benefited by Recykals e-waste aggregation
    engine that connects generators, aggregators,
    partners, recyclers
  • Hassle Free Logistics
    Configure options for doorstep pickup
    or drop at designated locations, more
    flexibility for your consumers
  • 100% Transparency and Traceability
    End to end traction of collected e-wastes to
    ensure channelization from generators to
    authorized recyclers
  • Unified View
    Track your collection efforts from
    Consumers, Bulk Consumers, Service
    Centres, Dealerships, Collection Points
  • Digital Reach Out
    Invite your customers to takeback end of life
    products. Incentivize them with coupons, cash!
  • Be a Sustainability Champion!
    Track the environmental impact created by your brand with
    configurable dashboards and sustainability reports
Accelerate your EPR Plans with Recykal DigitalPRO -
CPCB authorized Producer Responsibility Organization
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