Deposit Refund Centers

| < 1 Min read Locations to bottle return and refund centers Guptkashi Click Here Sonprayag $9 Seetapur $32 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit dolor

Bringing Inclusivity through EPR in India

| 3 Min read Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) has been a revolution in the plastic waste management system in India. It is a well-known fact that there is value in sifting through the waste that we discard. And each act of sifting, collecting, sorting, grading, trading has an unseen and unrecognized army of waste pickers working each and every […]

Roles of Stakeholders in EPR

Stakeholders in EPR, role of stakeholders in EPR

| 3 Min read The Role of Stakeholders in EPR is a series of blogs that will highlight the duties and benefits of each stakeholder in the ecosystem.  EPR is a powerful tool that helps regulate waste management responsibilities among the stakeholders in the system. Stakeholders in EPR & Waste Ecosystem include: National Authority Consumers Producer Responsibility Organisation (PROs) Producers, Brands, […]