Recykal Stories: Agriculture Plastic Waste gets a new life

| 4 Min read “The waste generated on a farm decomposes, except for PLASTIC” Plastic waste mismanagement is a growing issue across the world and in India. The same applies to Agricultural Plastic Waste (APW). Agriculture and its allied sectors are the single largest source of livelihood for many in India; accounting to 17-18% of the country’s GDP. The […]

Product Takeback Programs for a Circular Economy

| 6 Min read The rate of production is way higher than the rate of recycling. Due to this, products usually end up in landfills after their life ends. How do we change this linear process and inculcate a circular economy practice? Through take-back programs. As the name suggests, these programs help manufacturers and producers collect the users’ used […]

Recykal, Raising Recycle Rates

Cloud based Recykal raising Recycling Rates

| 2 Min read Waste can be turned into a resource. Who would’ve thought so or believed it 5 years ago? Let alone using digital technology to streamline and manage waste. Plastic Waste or E-waste is perceived as nothing but as it is – waste. In India, when someone says “throw it away”, it automatically goes into the dustbin. […]