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How does digitised MRFs solve the recycling challenges?

| 3 Min read Material Recovery Facilities(MRFs) have always played an essential role in solid waste recovery and recycling, dealing with 5-10 tonnes of waste per day. However, with irresponsible waste disposal on the rise, conventional MRFs are no longer functional in sorting and segregation of waste material. From inconsistent workforce, to low recycling rates, the challenges are many. […]

What equipments do MRFs use?

| 3 Min read The quantity of overall solid waste in cities is rising at a pace of 5% per year due to increased urbanisation. Every year, per capita waste generation, grows by 1.3%. Because of the rising waste generation, it is impossible to recycle most of the waste generated if material recovery facility equipment execute manual operations, as […]

What are Material Recovery Facilities?

| 3 Min read Material recovery facilities are also known as Material Reclamation Facilities or Material Recycling Facilities. Material recovery facilities are designed to produce clean and pure recyclable materials to guarantee that the commodities produced are marketable and fetch the highest price. The waste is collected from the doorstep in segregated form, which is then sorted into different […]

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