Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of Plastic Credits

| 5 Min read It is high time to address the rising concern of plastic waste stacking up in the oceans, rivers, and landscapes; any negligence may cause significant environmental damage. According to some estimates, global plastic production has been increasing at an average rate of around 3-5% per year. There are many initiatives worldwide to reduce plastic waste, […]

An Introduction to Plastic Credits

| 3 Min read Plastic pollution is a major environmental concern, with plastic waste accumulating in our oceans, rivers, and landscapes, and the world produces 380 million tonnes of plastic waste each year. One innovative approach to solving this issue is to use plastic credits to provide an ethical and sustainable solution to the problem of plastic pollution. It is an […]

The rising problem of plastic waste in India

| 3 Min read The biggest concern with plastic waste in India is not the amount of waste produced but ineffective waste management, such as improperly collecting and recycling waste. Currently, the primary focus is collecting, managing, and properly disposing plastic waste. As we all know, the demand for new products and technology has grown over the last two […]