Hazardous and Non-hazardous waste

| 2 Min read Industrial waste is generated from industrial activity and comprises any material that has become unusable throughout the manufacturing process from factories, mills, and mining operations. It includes dirt and gravel, bricks and concrete, scrap metal, oil, solvents, chemicals, scrap wood, and even food waste from restaurants. The industrial waste can be solid, liquid, or semi-solid, […]

How is Hazardous Waste generated?

Hazardous Waste generation

| 2 Min read Improperly managed hazardous waste can be a threat to the environment. In this blog, learn about hazardous waste and its sources. What is hazardous waste?  Hazardous waste is defined as waste that can be a threat to the environment, whether alone or when in contact with other wastes or substances Any waste which possesses the […]

What is Industrial Waste?

| 2 Min read Industrial waste defined as the waste left unproductive during a manufacturing process in factories, mills, or mining activities. Dirt and gravel, masonry and concrete, scrap metal, oil, solvents, chemicals, and scrap lumber, comprise industrial waste. What is the difference between industrial waste and hazardous waste? Industrial Waste Hazardous Waste Industrial waste comprises non-hazardous materials that […]

Plastic Waste Recycling – Three Distinct Methods

| 3 Min read Recycling is a process of collecting and transforming the used or waste materials into reusable/raw materials to form a new product. This procedure indeed extends a sustainable environment and benefits the community at large. Products such as paper, plastic, metal, electronic devices, wood, clothing & textiles, bricks, and many more are on the good-to-go list […]

5 Major Challenges in Plastic Waste Recycling

| 3 Min read Plastic waste recycling is the reprocessing of plastic waste into new and useful products. The effective performance of plastic recycling can Protect the environment, Reduce the dependence on landfills Conserve resources from plastic pollution and Reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Challenges of Plastic Waste Recycling It is well known that plastic recycling is an important part and […]