Sabka Sath Swachh Kedarnath through Deposit Refund System

| 6 Min read Date: 3rd June 2022 Project Status – DRS Kedarnath To tackle the increasing problem of plastic waste in Kedarnath, Tehsil Ukhimath had reached out to various agencies for innovative and disruptive solutions. Recykal proposed one of its kind Deposit Refund System Project to SDM, Ukhimath dt. 3rd May 2022 under the Plastic Waste Management Rules, […]

Recykal Stories: Building a Plastic Free Tiger Reserve

| 4 Min read Set in the Nallamala Ranges, Srisailam Tiger Reserve is rich with biodiversity and a complex ecosystem.  The ranges are spread over a vast area and are also well known for religious tourism. This region has been facing various issues due to the plastic waste generated by the pilgrims as well as tourists. Major reason behind […]

Recykal Stories: Latur, Maharashtra awarded at Swachh Survekshan 2021

| 3 Min read Swachh Survekshan is a pan India annual cleanliness survey that ranks India’s cities, towns and states based on sanitation, waste management and overall cleanliness.  In the latest nationwide cleanliness survey 4,320 cities were covered in 28 days, adding that over 4.2 core people had given their feedback. Latur, a city in Maharashtra was recognized for […]

Recykal Stories: Empowering the Waste Management Sector

| 3 Min read At Recykal, our aim is to provide a full-proof digital platform for waste management. At the same time we also aim towards creating a positive impact in the lives of the informal sector. The informal sector mainly includes the waste collectors who also sort the waste.  Their daily routine revolves around collecting waste and segregating […]

Recycling Plastic Waste gives you Rewards & Saves Resources

| < 1 Min read Recycling Plastic Waste is not as easy as throwing it away. And the fact that only around 10% of the plastic waste in India is recycled proves it. You must be wondering, you hear so much news about thousands of Metric Tonnes of plastic waste is being collected and recycled, yet it all adds up […]

Need for Innovation of Plastic Waste Management in the Amarabad Tiger Reserve

| 2 Min read Plastic pollution in India is more on the rise than ever and is going towards becoming one of the most waste generators in the world. Plastic Waste in Forests is something that often goes unnoticed or is generally ignored. As people are indulging in touristry, camping, trekking, and nature activities, pollution is only increasing in […]

Smart Village Movement: Waste management in Meghalaya

| 2 Min read The pristine and picturesque regions of North East India, East Khasi district of Meghalaya, in particular, have a large inflow of tourists each year, who bring in tons of plastic waste into the region. Waste management in Meghalaya is carried out by ragpickers, who resort to an easy way of waste disposal which is to […]