5 Steps of Waste Management for Bulk Waste Generators

5 Steps of Waste Management for Bulk Waste Generators
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Bulk Waste generators as the name suggests are generators of waste in large quantities on a daily basis, and according to rules they are required to follow effective waste management practices:

  • Ensure waste segregation in your premises
  • Ensure 100% recycling of plastic waste
  • Ensure appropriate disposal channels, especially for e-waste

Wondering if you are a Bulk Waste generator? Any hotel, offices, businesses, marriage venues, hospitals and more, generate more than 100kgs of waste a day.

According to the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016, “bulk generators like offices, commercial establishments, industries are to segregate the plastic waste at source, hand over segregated waste, pay user fee as per bye-laws of the local bodies”.

The below 5 steps must be followed in a circular manner to ensure there regular updates and improvement in the waste management process

Waste Management Steps to follow.png
                                                                Waste Management Steps to follow

1. Minimum Waste Generation

Businesses tend to generate large amounts of plastic or e-waste sometimes both, which becomes a hassle to manage for both the generator of the waste and the local municipal authorities.

Did you know? Bulk waste generators contribute to 40% of the total waste generated in India

2. Segregate your waste at source and store the plastic waste separately

Waste generated on-site are of different types, disposing and storing will be challenging. To make it easy for your business and employees having colour coded and labeled bin is the first step towards segregation of waste.

3. Train your employees and housekeeping staff to dispose of the waste responsibly

Employees and staff in your facility play a very important role in effective waste management. Training them and bringing the required awareness will significantly transform the way they approach a process that generates waste and that must be disposed of consciously.

                                                          Employee/Staff Training Program

If you are interested in training your staff or employees on waste management, we provide Training programs for corporate offices, Organisations and Institutions

4. Ensure that the housekeeping staff uses adequate safety measures while collecting

Waste accumulated often has mixed types of waste that could be potentially toxic or cause scrapes, cuts or release toxic emissions especially in the case of e-waste. The staff handling waste must be provided with safety gear such as PPE Kits, Gloves, Masks, Eye Goggles, Gumboots, and others based on the type of waste that they are exposed to on-site.

Adopting OH&S measures is a win-win for both your staff and your organisation.

5. Download the “Recykal Marketplace” App to sustainably dispose of your plastic waste & e-waste

The generated waste from the above steps can be easily disposed of using the Recykal Marketplace App. The Marketplace platform enables transactions that help in bridging the gap between the demand and supply, i.e between waste generators and recyclers, processors and energy recovering facilities.

                                                                     Recykal Marketplace App

The platform provides category-specific buyers/sellers, based on location, accessibility, and more with transparency, traceability and access to a large network of vendors at the tip of your fingers.

Download the App now to know what’s in store for you and your business.

Interested to adopt these practices in your business? Get in touch with us to know more about how we can assist you in your transition. Recykal provides end-to-end services right from helping you manage your waste to training staff and disposal of waste.

Did you know? Recycled plastic waste can be reused to make tiles, shoes, backpacks, Lay roads and more. You can be a part of this chain and help create a circular system for your plastic.

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