Recykal Stories: Changlang – Swacch City, Award at Swachh Survekshan 2021.

Recykal Stories: Changlang – Swacch City, Award at Swachh Survekshan 2021.
Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh, Awarded at Swachh Survekshan 2021
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The Indian Government has been encouraging and implementing various programs for the cities, towns, and states to overcome the issue of uncleanliness around the country. One of such initiatives is Swachh Survekshan 2021, a pan India annual cleanliness survey, where the award is presented to the cities, towns, and states based on sanitation, waste management, and overall cleanliness.

Recently, Latur, a city in Maharashtra was recognized for its innovative waste management efforts under Under these circumstances, Changlang, a district in Arunachal Pradesh has earned the Swachh City Award by the Swachh Survekshan 2021 (Urban). 

Changlang receiving Swachh City Award
Changlang receiving Swachh City Award

Changlang was awarded the “ Best City in ‘Innovation & Best Practices’ in the North East Zone” by the government of India.

Also, Changlang held a thanksgiving program for all the real heroes – the sanitary labourers for their endowment in the Swachh City Award and encouraged them to keep up the fame for the division.

Thanksgiving to the sanitary labourers at Changlang
Thanksgiving to the sanitary labourers at Changlang

Dr. Devansh Yadav, IAS, DC & Chairman, congratulated the entire team of DUDA (District Urban Development Agency) and Changlang for such a great achievement. Also, expressed their gratitude to Recykal for the support to endeavor the feat.

The entire achievement of Changlang was a great success for Recykal too. Our team was appreciated for its initiations at Changlang. In the wake of our initiatives, the Member of Parliament, Tapar Gao passed an order to collaborate & channelize the plastic and e-wastes to the authorized recyclers,  road constructors, etc., in Arunachal Pradesh.

But what was the challenge?

Itanagar - dump yards for the wastes, burning due to excessive methane gas leakage.
Itanagar – dump yards for the wastes, burning due to excessive methane gas leakage.

It all started at Itanagar (capital of Arunachal Pradesh), There were only two dump yards for the wastes, which were full of smoke and were burning owing to excessive methane gas leakage. After in-depth research, it was found that:

  • There was a lack of manpower for waste collection and segregation.
  • The collected wastes were channelized to the local kabadiwala site and is further sent to Delhi for further processing.
  • No authorized recycler in the region
  • Non-functioning solid waste plant, collection centers/MRF
  • No traceability of collected plastic wastes 

In Arunachal Pradesh, the following conditions were unavoidable, and immediate responses were required.

Attempted Solutions

  • At Itanagar – MS. Bhanu IAS/CEO, Smart city/Head of IT Arunachal, planned to set up a plastic baling and shredding machine for processing plastic waste in Itanagar for road construction purposes.
  • At Bordumsa – Dr. Devansh IAS, Deputy Commissioner of Bordumsa, Arunachal, where all the plastic wastes are accumulated from the Eastern districts decided to provide higher capacity plastic shredding machine facilities. 

Among these, important issues to be focussed on were transportation & proper employment to the waste collectors. The decades-old roads, higher cost of logistics, and the unpaid local workers were creating major hurdles in the entire waste management system.

The Solution – Smart Centre Solution

Smart Centre Solution was the sole colloid that captured the entire unorganised waste management system in Arunachal Pradesh. From traceability to logistics management, all the necessary day-to-day activities were under control all around the Eastern Arunachal.

This digital solution has a number of innovative features that allow for a seamless flow of step-by-step transactions. Here’s a quick rundown of everything Smart Centre Solution has to offer:

  1. Inventory Management & MIS:

A track of the inbound and outbound recyclable inventory of Itanagar by creating effective purchase and sale receipts.

  1. Client, Partners Onboarding:

The issue of unpaid local waste pickers, recyclers, etc is sorted here. An organised registration and valid ID proof must be uploaded by the waste pickers, generators, recyclers, and other supply & demand sources.

  1. Manage Rate Cards:

As per the monetary terms, regular price updates according to the market trends will be monitored. As it will allow driving better value for the businesses and the local community.

  1. Order Management:

Proper order management will take place to encounter the authorized pickups and to control the entire process.

  1. Logistics Management:

Arranging logistics for collection procedures including the third-party collections will be managed.

  1. Digital Payments and Documentation:

Eliminating the traditional methodology of documentation and paperwork. All the required deeds from weighbridge bills to invoices, including the payments will execute digitally.

The entire system had a good impact on Arunachal Pradesh, and the Indian government was able to achieve such a feat.

Recykal once again was successful to provide digital solutions which eliminate the hurdles in the waste management system.

So, if you want to manage your waste and contribute to sustainable development in your state, city, or district in India, get in touch with us right away!

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