Sustainable Labelling for your Personal Care Products

Sustainable Labelling for your Personal Care Products
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Personal care and Beauty products are a thriving industry that heavily relies on plastic for its packaging. With the growing amount of packaging waste being generated, there is an urgent need to have Sustainable labelling that speaks about the product’s sustainability factor.

According to a recent study, nearly 70% of the plastic waste generated from personal care and beauty products, end up in landfills creating piles of untreated waste which is both harmful for the environment and to us in turn.

Companies like L’Oreal, Garnier and others have pledged towards sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions for their customers in line with their aim to establish a circular economy.

For this to be effective, customer participation and awareness is crucial.

A recent initiative by Garnier called ‘Green Beauty’, has launched Sustainable Labelling, which is aimed at creating awareness among its users on the impact of their actions of choosing sustainable and recyclable products.

This innovative and advanced labelling provides information on the environmental and social impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions, water scarcity, impact on biodiversity and 11 other factors.

The labelling aims to have a widespread awareness on their zero plastic waste soaps, shampoo range made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, reusable makeup removing pads and more.

Initiatives as such, help generate the required awareness among users, which has a significant impact on the waste management sector. A conscious effort leads a long way to avoid your favourite shampoo bottle or lipstick from reaching the landfills.

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