Price trend of scrap PET bottle prices in January 2022

Price trend of scrap PET bottle prices in January 2022
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The average prices of scrap PET bottles saw a rise, where the start of the  month started at a low of ₹ 48.5/kg and reached a high of ₹ 52.4/kg . The price fluctuation was due to multiple reasons:

  1. Winter season
  2. Rise in Crude oil prices
  3. Rate increase of Virgin Fibre
  4. COVID-19 Pandemic

A consistently high rate was observed in northern India with ₹ 55/Kg at the highest in Punjab. On the other hand, the lowest rate was observed in Gujarat at – ₹ 46/Kg.

Week 1 (1st – 7th January)

Highest ⬆️ :  ₹   48.5/kg

Lowest ⬇️ :  ₹   47.6/kg

Week 2 (8th – 14th January)

Highest ⬆️ :  ₹  49/kg

Lowest ⬇️ :  ₹   47.8/kg

Week 3 (15th – 21st January)

Highest ⬆️ :  ₹ 50.9/kg

Lowest ⬇️ :  ₹  49.5/kg

Week 4 (22nd – 31st January)

Highest ⬆️ :  ₹  52.3/kg

Lowest ⬇️ :  ₹   51/kg

Factors affecting scrap PET bottle prices

There are multiple factors affecting the PET Scrap prices in India. In a broader view, the prices have seen a rise due to – Gaps in Demand & Supply.

To be more specific, the  factors affecting PET bottle scrap prices in India are:

  • Winter season accounts for low consumption of PET consumer goods, which reduces the supply of scrap PET bottles
  • Crude oil prices saw a rise from December 2020, which affected the virgin plastic market inturn increasing the demand for scrap PET bottles
  • Rate increase of Virgin Fibre increased the demand for fiber made from recycled PET plastic which increased the demand for PET bales
  • COVID-19 Pandemic reduced the availability of material, making it a dearer good.

Stay tuned for our next blog on ‘How seasons have an impact on the prices of PET bottle scrap’.

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