Refuel with Recykal: A Promising Waste to Fuel Program with IOCL

Refuel with Recykal: A Promising Waste to Fuel Program with IOCL
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The Growing Solid Waste Problem in India

Plastic pollution stems from the mismanagement of municipal solid waste to a global-scale crisis demanding our immediate attention. The alarming situation in India is that the country has reached the capacity of producing 58 tonnes of solid waste annually. 

While India is on a trajectory of exponential growth, with increased production of approximately 390 million tonnes of solid waste by 2030 and over 540 million tonnes by 2050, as projected by the World Bank, the country is trying to come up with a solution for it. 

Even the fact that India’s packaging industry, which mainly relies on single-use plastics (SUP) and multi-layered plastic (MLP) packaging, remains in the fifth spot internationally demonstrates the rapid expansion of the plastics industry in our nation. This only exacerbates the seriousness of the situation, and It is crucial to take immediate and coordinated action to address this critical issue and protect our environment and India’s future.

Refuel with Recykal: A Promising Solution

With a goal to tackle the growing challenge of solid waste management in our country, two visionary companies in India have collaborated to pioneer a sustainably innovative initiative.  Refuel with Recykal, an initiative of Indian Oil Corporation Limited in conjunction with Recykal.  The pilot program will gauge how much dry waste is gathered at the filling stations over the course of three pivotal months, starting from World Environment Day, June 5th, 2023, to August 2023. The procedure is simplified by the addition of manually operated collection kiosks and semi-automated reverse vending machines (RVMs), ensuring effective management of wider dry waste segmentations. 

Collaboration for Social Entrepreneurship

This nationwide campaign, “FAW –  Fuel Against Waste,” endeavours to establish a circular solution by encouraging consumers to embrace and understand the power of valorising their dry waste. The initiative across the nation can potentially collect two-thirds of the total plastic waste generated by the country annually. With this initiative, Recykal will develop social entrepreneurship by encouraging people, especially women and the specially abled, to operate the collection points.  The revenue of these social entrepreneurs will be from handling the dry waste “sale of material,” and Recykal will handle the reverse logistics of the collected materials. Through a user-friendly mobile application (FAW app), individuals can register via QR code and learn about the initiative along with the value of various dry waste types that they bring to the collection centres at IOCL fuel stations., such as paper, cardboard, e-waste, metal, glass, and plastic. 

A Simplified Process

The conventional way to identify a city, town, or rural area is by its fueling stations. This is why it is easy for the customers to drop off their dry waste at kiosks placed in the authorised IOCL filling stations, where Recykal’s social entrepreneurs will handle the further process; alternatively, the digital kiosk will be run by Recykal itself. IOCL operates close to 32,000 filling stations throughout the country. The deposited dry waste is carefully inspected and evaluated using specified values through the technology developed by Recykal. Customers can use the credits they earn from material value for money value through the app to purchase petrol or diesel at participating IOCL filling stations. 

The Resultant Impact

This visionary initiative benefits the environment and holds the potential to gather a startling two-thirds of the nation’s annual recyclables, or 2.6 million tonnes of dry, uncontaminated waste, right from their point of origin. The initiative will also produce 16,000 new direct green jobs and 64,000 new indirect green jobs, creating a cascade of environmental and economic advantages.


Amid this symphony of environmental problems, let’s harmonise our efforts and work towards a sustainable future as we embrace the theme of World Environment Day 2023, “Solutions to Plastic Pollution”. By working together, we can create positive change, one refuel at a time. We can turn waste into something useful and fuel our drive for a better, more environment-friendly future.

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