Recykal Stories: Empowering the Waste Management Sector

Recykal Stories: Empowering the Waste Management Sector
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At Recykal, our aim is to provide a full-proof digital platform for waste management. At the same time we also aim towards creating a positive impact in the lives of the informal sector. The informal sector mainly includes the waste collectors who also sort the waste. 

Their daily routine revolves around collecting waste and segregating the recyclable materials from it in order to generate more income. This is the work force that keeps the cycle of recyclable materials running. We hardly ever think about their work, and the world goes on for us. But for them, working through the waste is their only way of earning and feeding their family. 

Even after all the work they put in, they used to earn only Rs 250/day on an average. This amount was barely enough to get them through their daily needs. Considering their working conditions, and on the other hand the importance of the work they do, there was and there still is a need to improve their working conditions and provide them with opportunities to increase their income.

Working on these lines, Recykal came up with an outreach programme which would help the informal sector as well as other stakeholders in the waste management sector to optimize their techniques and processes. Which would be a stepping stone to spread knowledge about resourceful categorization of the waste. And address the hygiene and safety issues as well.

A very important step in this process was breaking the social stigma around their profession. Today our surroundings are clean because of their laborious work. It’s high time to empower them with the support they need. Only a few small initiatives can go  a long way.

Meet some of our fellow waste collectors and get to know how Recykal’s awareness drive helped them to transform their skills, which boosted their confidence as well as their income! 

Name: Mukesh               
Age: 23 Years
Location: Kovaipudur,Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
No. Of Family Members: 7
Previous Income: Rs 600/day
Present Income: Rs 800/day

Name: Kalyani 
Age: 48 Years
Location: Kuniyamuthur,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
No. Of Family Members: 6
Previous Income: Rs 250/day
Present Income: Rs 400/day

Following are the changes they observed after a small informative session conducted at their pace to increase their knowledge about waste management.

Income Doubled

He used to earn Rs 250/day on an average while putting in 6 hours of work each day. 

This figure jumped to Rs 400/day after basic information about various materials that can be recycled was given to him. 

Increased knowledge about recyclable materials

Due to lack of awareness, he was handling only certain categories of waste like PETs and cartons. An awareness campaign helped him and others like him understand the economic value attached to other types of waste and it significantly changed their approach. Now he started collecting MLPs as well which contributed to his income.

Better Livelihoods 

Along with classifying the waste better, he also realised how to manage his time efficiently plus learnt to improve the hygiene and safety standards in his daily hustle. He has been able to guide other waste collectors helping them earn more as well. As a result of which  livelihoods evolved in his community. 

Developed a sense of dignity and self-learning 

As this journey continues he has started to educate himself about the basics of a circular economy. It has helped him to understand the importance of his role in the entire economy, thus giving him a sense of belonging which motivates him to put in more effort in his work.

Are you looking forward to contribute to make the world a better place for every human?

Get in touch with us to know more about as well as contribute to Recykal’s social initiatives focused on empowering the waste management system in our country, starting from the ground level!

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