Recykal Point Program: Technology-driven waste management store

Recykal Point Program: Technology-driven waste management store
Recykal Point
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Recykal point is a waste management facility or a Material Recovery Facility (MRF). It is digitally equipped to bridge on-field waste management to recyclers and waste generators, through technology. It serves as a depository of recyclable and non-recyclable dry waste – wherein depositors can get paid in return for bringing their waste.

Kabadiwalas, Waste Collectors, Individuals, Bulk Waste Generators (Schools, Colleges, Restaurants, Offices, Government bodies, and more can conveniently drop their waste at any nearest Recykal Point and win rewards in return or get paid a remuneration – digitally.

Bulk waste generators can also schedule a pickup and an executive from the recykal point will be able to collect the waste from their premises.


Using the Smart Centre Solution mobile application.

What happens inside a Recykal Point?


  • Recykal point will helps formalise the informal sector of waste management in India.
  • Helps in channelizing waste from all the possible channels through the digital platform/App.
  • Assist PIBOs in meeting their EPR requirements through this EPR Fulfillment channel
  • Helps diver waste from landfills towards a recycler which enables a circular economy
  • Creates Job opportunities for members of the informal sector, waste handlers and other participating stakeholders
  • Formalises, Strengthens and improves the livelihood for waste collectors.
  • Bridges the gap in demand and supply of recyclables, fulfils the requirement of recycling industries with quality materials.
  • Connects all stockholders through the digital platform – Smart Centre Solution.
  • Helps PIBOs(Producers, Importers and Brand owners) in effectively disposing their packaging waste.
  • Monitoring waste is made easy for ULBs, Municipals and Government bodies while channelising the waste.

What is the Smart Centre Solution
Smart Centre Solution is SaaS-based platform for Waste Aggregators, DRCCs to digitise their day-to-day activities like record keeping, settlements, transactions and gives complete visibility of material inflow outflow.

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Key benefits of Smart Centre Solution

  • Complete visibility of materials
  • Make better decisions
  • Reduced costs of logistics
  • Improved efficiencies with digital paper work
  • Multilingual support

We at Recykal bring you a hassle-free, online platform that you can access at the tip of your fingers.

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