Recykal at WEF’s Global Tech Governance Retreat

Recykal at WEF’s Global Tech Governance Retreat
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Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum recognized Recykal as a Technology Pioneer! With that, Recykal was invited to participate in WEF events & discussions, and contribute to the forum’s initiatives by collaborating with global leaders to address key industry & societal issues.

We’re happy to announce that, this June, we’re heading to the Global Technology Governance Retreat at WEF’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution! This is their first in-person convening of their vast global network of business pioneers, entrepreneurs, civil society leaders, policy makers & innovators. Our Co-Founder, Anirudha Jalan, will be an essential part in reviewing strategic precedences and advancing flagship stratagems at the event being conducted in San Francisco, USA.

Mr Jalan will have the opportunity to develop and share policies, protocols and strategies to achieve human-centric outcomes. He will also engage with global and national pioneers of change in tech governance & digital transformation to revolutionise the waste management sector. 

We thank the World Economic Forum for inviting us & look forward to being a part of this close-knit community.

About the event:

Emerging technologies promise smart solutions to the world’s most pressing problems but their exponential nature often overwhelms existing institutions & organisations, leaving societies exposed to poorly understood risks and deprivation of unprecedented opportunities.

In the wake of escalating geopolitical conflicts, a climate crisis spiralling out of control, and a global economy rattled by the aftershocks of a historic pandemic, adopting shared principles and safeguarding the use of exponential technologies and advancing their implementation is more important than ever before.

At this critical juncture, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution will convene a 3-day event to review strategic priorities and advance flagship initiatives.

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