Recycling Plastic Waste gives you Rewards & Saves Resources

Recycling Plastic Waste gives you Rewards & Saves Resources
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Recycling Plastic Waste is not as easy as throwing it away. And the fact that only around 10% of the plastic waste in India is recycled proves it.

You must be wondering, you hear so much news about thousands of Metric Tonnes of plastic waste is being collected and recycled, yet it all adds up to only 10%! Well, that’s an eye-opener of how much plastic waste actually exists in the country.

As always, our waste warriors are doing all they can to ensure plastic is disposed of in the right way. While some are recycled, some are sent to cement kilns where the plastic is turned into building materials.

One such attempt of ours to inculcate more plastic channelizing among aggregators led us to conduct a competition of who collects the most plastic waste for recycling.

This little healthy competition led to a collection of 7,91,165Kg which is currently being recycled.

12 of the many aggregators associated with us took part in this activity that happened in December 2020. Among the participants, Junaid Enterprises, an aggregator business firm based in Hyderabad, Telangana won the round by collecting a whopping 57,330KG of plastic. The participating aggregators were scrap dealers of Hyderabad, Guntur, Vishakhapatnam (Vizag), and Bangalore.

Recycling is rewarding, indeed. Our winner for this little plastic waste collection activity has won themselves a sum of Rs.20,621.

We always encourage proper disposal, channelizing, and recycling of plastic waste. Our various solutions, for consumer, corporate and informal sector, revolve around increasing that 10%. While our Recykal Marketplace encourages aggregators to sell more plastic by offering the best rates, our EPR solutions serve brands and help them take a step towards sustainability.

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