Recycled cards for environment-friendly payments

Recycled cards for environment-friendly payments
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Did you know? 6 billion payment cards are manufactured every year, around the world; Very few of which are recycled cards!

These cards are replaced every few years, and an estimated 5.7 million tons of plastic, in the form of these cards, end up in landfills.

Our payment cards debit or credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, shopping cards or any other, are made of non-degradable synthetic plastic, which uses important natural resources in its banking.

Mastercard and other leading payment gateways including 60 financial institutions around the world have partnered to replace these payment cards with recyclable, biodegradable cards with no compromise on their performance.

In a recent initiative by IDEMIA and Jyske bank, based in Denmark, rolled out payment cards which are made from recycled plastic, in an attempt to reduce their carbon emissions and most importantly to establish a circular economy of waste.

Leading financial institutions have taken into account their customers need for eco-friendly and environment protective actions and have partnered or invested in key R&D to roll out recyclable and sustainable cards.

At Recykal we pledge to reduce the plastic waste entering our environment and acknowledge the efforts made by these institutions in addressing a key essential commodity that we all own.

We urge you to consciously dispose of your plastic cards and help reduce the millions of tons of waste from entering our landfills.

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