Price Trends for PET Scrap in July

Price Trends for PET Scrap in July
PET Scrap Prices for July 2021
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The prices for PET Scrap have been ranging from Rs. 40 to Rs. 46/kg in the month of July, across the country. Starting from Rs. 40/kg in the last week of June, there has been a steady increase with the price at Rs. 44.5/kg in the third week of July. The average price stood at Rs. 43.5/kg, the highest was Rs. 46/kg and the lowest was Rs. 40/kg.

Price Trend for PET Scrap in India for July 2021

The rise in prices was due to two main reasons: Firstly, due to the bottlenecks in logistics. Rainfalls and flooding in many parts of India have led to delay in transportation and logistical operations.

Secondly, owing to the changes in the material prices due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which increased the demand for PET Scrap in India.

Here’s a weekly price range for PET Scrap for the month of July

1st July to 7 July

High – Rs. 44/kg

Avg – Rs. 43/kg

Low – Rs. 42/kg

8th July to 14th July

High – Rs. 45/kg

Avg – Rs. 44.3/kg

Low – Rs. 43.5/kg

15th July to 21st July

High – Rs. 45/kg

Avg – Rs. 44.5/kg

Low – Rs. 43.5/kg

22nd July to 26th July

High – Rs. 45/kg

Avg – Rs. 44/kg

Low – Rs. 43.5/kg

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