Podcast with Vivek Gurav on Community-Led Sustainability

Podcast with Vivek Gurav on Community-Led Sustainability
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In episode 13 of Recykal Rise, we have an Environmentalist from Pune, Mr. Vivek Gurav. A 24-year-young software engineer, who has started a movement called  Pune Ploggers in Oct 2019. Vivek Gurav through Pune Ploggers has collected over 40,000 kgs of waste and sent it to recycling.

Vivek Gurav has represented India at the MYWorld2030 Asia-Pacific Advocacy Programme, which is an initiative led by UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub, and United Nations SDG Action Campaign. He has reached out to people creating awareness about Climate Action, and Sustainable Development Goals, and appealed to them, to submit the MyWorld Survey being conducted by the UN.

He was awarded the REX Karmaveer Chakra Award 2019, and the Indian Youth Award 2019, for his active contributions to different social issues.

Vivek Gurav says he believes in taking action and not sitting around and blaming others for everything that is wrong around him. That is exactly what he did when it came to the massive amounts of plastic waste that was piling up in his city.

You can listen to the podcast here

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