Podcast with Almitra Patel on Solid Waste Management

Podcast with Almitra Patel on Solid Waste Management
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On episode 10 of the Recykal Rise podcast, we have with us Mrs. Almitra Patel, a Member of the Supreme Court Committee for SWM. Also a National Expert on Swachh Bharat Mission.

She’s an environmental policy advocate and anti-pollution activist.  Her Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court against the open dumping of municipal solid waste was instrumental in the drafting of the Municipal Solid Waste Management Rule in India which was the first of its kind thanks to Almitra Patel.

Her commitment to having a road map for waste management policies has ensured cities and towns all over India now have a plan to work with. And with no doubt, she was the best-qualified person to draft the Swach Bharat manual. As a nation, we’d be indebted to Almitra Patel that we are living in a little neater and cleaner India.

You can listen to the podcast here

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