Brands pledge to use Recycled Plastic Waste in Production

Brands pledge to use Recycled Plastic Waste in Production
Brands pledge to protect mother earth
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Recycling is key in helping conserve natural resources and protect the global environment for human wellbeing. Among the long list of recyclable materials, plastic waste recycling is one of the major aspects to be focussed on. Plastic waste in landfills, incineration, and more are creating immense negative impacts on the environment.

Countries around the world are shifting towards sustainable waste management practices, of which recycling is a key solution. However, the rate of waste generation far exceeds the existing capacity of waste management and recycling.

To reverse the effects of improper waste disposal on the environment, Some of the top brands have finally taken the initiatives towards:

  • Conserving Natural resources,
  • Reduced emissions of pollutants,
  • Take Back programs and
  • Use recycled materials in the manufacturing process.

Brands that have pledged to create circularity through their product

  1. LG (Lifes Good): A popular brand always focused on developing new innovative products around the world.  They have now given commitment towards environmental protection & human welfare by taking an effective part in e-waste & plastic waste management. South Korean electronics giant LG has announced to utilize more than 600,000 tonnes of plastic waste by 2030 in their manufacturing process. Additionally, implementation to take back the e-wastes target has been set up for an effective waste management system.
  1. Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL): A global company (includes various top brands) that extends the service of providing basic needs of people in this fast-moving world. After being recognised as one of the leading home care products manufacturers, HUL has taken an oath to fulfill its responsibility towards reducing its environmental footprint. It is now committed to recycling 1 lakh tons of plastic through an EPR program & achieving 100% plastic waste collection by 2020.  So, the new ambition of  HUL is to attain a positive impact and to make sustainable living commonplace.
Shoes made of plastic
Shoes made of plastic. Source: Adidas
  1. Adidas:  A well known label that manufactures top-quality fashion products has made its way to promote a healthy environment. In 2015, Adidas announced its partnership with Parley for the Oceans – an environmental organization to contribute to a better society & the planet. The call to repurpose the ocean’s plastic waste into sportswear (shoes) has resulted in great success. Adidas has also commented that about 40% of its products are produced using ocean plastic and will replace the usage of virgin polyester entirely by 2024.

These are few of the many brands that are making their contribution towards environmental sustainability and establishing a circular economy.

HUL is one of the top brands which has partnered with Recykal (PRO) in order to fulfill its gaps for effective plastic waste management. 

So, if you are a brand, producer, or importer wishing to make an effort towards creating a healthy environment and fulfill your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) then connect with Recykal, Today!.

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