Price Trends for PET Scrap in December 2021

Price Trends for PET Scrap in December 2021
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PET bottle scrap Prices in December

The average prices of PET scrap saw a consistent rise across the month. It should be noted that the prices across the country varied by at least 5-6% and the price fluctuation was due to the change in seasons which in turn affected the change in consumer behaviour. 

A consistently high rate was observed in northern India with ₹ 54/Kg at the highest. On the other hand, the lowest rate was observed in Telangana at – ₹ 35/Kg.

Price trend of PET Scrap in India December 2021

Week 1 (1st – 7th December)

Highest ⬆️ :  ₹   44/kg

Lowest ⬇️ :  ₹   35/kg

Week 2 (8th – 14th December)

Highest ⬆️ :  ₹  49/kg

Lowest ⬇️ :  ₹   38.5/kg

Week 3 (15th – 21st December)

Highest ⬆️ :  ₹ 51/kg

Lowest ⬇️ :  ₹  40/kg

Week 4 (22nd – 31st December)

Highest ⬆️ :  ₹  54/kg

Lowest ⬇️ :  ₹   44/kg

Factors affecting Recyclable PET Plastic waste prices

There are multiple factors affecting the PET Scrap prices in India. In a broader view, the prices have seen a rise due to – Gaps in Demand & Supply.

To be more specific, the  factors affecting PET bottle scrap prices in India are:

  • Consumer consumption behaviour due to the WINTER season in India that affected many parts of the country – led to low availability of PET plastic waste, due to low consumption
  • Change in Global and National crude oil prices which affected the prices of virgin plastic, in turn increasing the demand for recycled PET bottles Scrap
  • Prices of Virgin PET plastic, Flakes, Fibre and more

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