Pepsico & Coca Cola invest in Recycled PET Packaging

Pepsico & Coca Cola invest in Recycled PET Packaging
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Owing to the pollution control regulations the use of recycled PET packaging has surged, and here’s a brief about how soda giants are tackling this change.

A sustainability push seems to have taken over the food and beverages industry. Pepsico, a giant in this industry, is also an integral part of this change, which was caused due to a combination of pollution control laws and increasing consumer awareness, leading companies to cut down the use of virgin plastic.

Pepsico uses 2.3 million metric tonnes of single-use plastic yearly, consequently it became one of the targets of global climate activism. Not behind in this target list is Coca-Cola which generates over 100 billion bottles of single-use plastic annually.

Both of these big companies have now committed to use 50% recycled content in all their plastic packaging. While Pepsico is also showing interest in alternative business models which involve machines and refillable cylinders that let users make their carbonated water drinks at home, Coca-Cola, has plans to sell pet bottles made from fully recycled pet plastic in the United States starting this year.

Several innovative solutions are coming into the picture, out of which recycling the existing pet plastic is most impactful. Using recycled PET packaging is a very effective way to reduce PET plastic scrap which is currently not channeled into recycling and ends up in landfills or oceans. It is an improvement, in the otherwise collapsing scenario, that companies have taken up the responsibility to make a change.

The negative effects of not taking responsibility for the plastic waste generated from years and years of intensive production are far-fetched. Bringing a positive approach to turning pet plastic scrap into recycled and reusable packaging is the first step many market leaders are taking towards a sustainable future.

Did this get you thinking about what steps can your company take to contribute to systematic plastic waste management?

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