New bubble barrier to combat marine plastic waste

New bubble barrier to combat marine plastic waste
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Plastic waste management is an ever increasing concern for our nation. The amount of waste generated is also multiplying with increasing population. Since this waste does not have a distinctive channeling process and therefore ends up in landfills as well as water bodies. Therefore, the waste on land is not the only issue, marine plastic pollution also needs attention and precautionary action.

The in-house waste management arm of Ambuja Cements and ACC, has been working to collect and co-process the waste in our country.

This helps them to manage plastic waste for their EPR fulfillment.

In addition to their consistent effort, they successfully stopped 500 tonnes of plastic waste from entering the Yamuna River. This was a result of their pilot project; a bubble barrier, commissioned on Mantola Canal in April 2021.

What is a bubble barrier?

Immersed in various water bodies it creates a curtain of micro-bubbles which, rising to the surface, expand and act as a natural barrier to manage multiple problems of pollution and ecosystems in water bodies.

Canadian Pond, a company based in Canada has developed this innovative solution. They provide tailored aeration system designs to perfectly suit the place of installation. Since its establishment in India, this bubble barrier has prevented tonnes of plastic waste leakage into the river Yamuna. The waste collected is co-processed within the Ambuja and ACC plants.

This project goes hand in hand with the plastic-free Agra mission. Thus, it has received strong support from Agra Municipal Corporation. The waste collected from riverbanks as well as waste from Agra’s (MRF) Material Recovery Facility is efficiently transported to recycling or re-processing units.

Bubble barriers not only help in curbing the plastic pollution in water bodies, but they also have other uses –

  1. Underwater sound attenuation
  2. Sediment control
  3. Control of toxic algae
  4. Control of plastic debris
  5. Oil spill management

The UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) is also a strong supporter of projects which help in bringing stability in the environment. It is a great initiative to spread awareness about marine plastic waste management.

Looking at the success of the first bubble barrier in North India, another one is in its planning phase which will be installed in Varanasi. The equipment will be installed on the Varuna River, right before the confluence point of Varuna and Ganges.

The solution for efficient plastic waste management and recycling is to encourage the designing, development and application of innovative technologies. It will be possible only when hard work and technology are used together.

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