Licious Is Officially Plastic Neutral

Licious Is Officially Plastic Neutral
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Plastic pollution has become an urgent global crisis, posing a significant threat to the environment and ecosystems. As consumer consciousness rises, brands are taking action to address this issue.

To tackle this challenge, brands involved in plastic manufacturing or utilisation across their supply chains are embracing the concept of plastic neutrality. By being responsible for their plastic footprint, these brands are taking steps to prevent an equivalent amount of plastic waste from entering the environment. 

Recykal partners with purpose-driven brands, such as Licious, a leading fresh meat and seafood delivery brand in India, to drive action against plastic waste. Together, we are committed to finding sustainable solutions and reshaping the future of plastic consumption.

Licious’s Journey of Negating their Plastic Footprint – Powered by Recykal 

Licious, India’s premier online meat and seafood delivery brand, stands tall as one of the nation’s largest players in its industry, effortlessly fulfilling over 1.2 million orders every month across more than 20 cities. As a pioneer of Direct to Consumer (D2C) enterprises, Licious earned the esteemed title of being the country’s 1st D2C unicorn in October 2021.

Embracing its responsibility to address the pressing issue of plastic waste, Licious sought the expertise of Recykal. Recognising the urgency, the Neutrality Team at Recykal quantified Licious’ plastic footprint for the year 2021-22, devising a comprehensive strategy to take decisive action. Together, we embarked on a journey, handpicking impactful plastic waste recovery projects that align with Licious’ values and are proportionate to the plastic waste generated through its packaging operations.

With a mission to negate its plastic footprint, Recykal, on behalf of Licious, prevented substantial plastic waste from entering landfills, oceans, and other ecosystems by prioritising recycling and responsible waste management practices. As a result, Recykal certified Licious as a ‘plastic neutral’ brand for 2021-22.

Recykal’s Plastic Neutrality Solution

Recykal is a leading cleantech business offering sustainability solutions like plastic neutrality, sustainability awareness, circularity and EPR Loop. Our plastic neutrality solution helps brands balance their plastic footprint in four simple steps:

Calculate the Footprint

Plastic footprint refers to the total mass of plastic produced or used by a brand in a particular time period, contributing to the explosive quantities of post-consumer plastic waste already in the environment. Calculating a brand’s plastic footprint involves assessing/calculating the weight of different categories of plastic generated along the value chain. 


Plan Offsetting Strategy

In this stage, Recykal’s plastic neutrality team devises various strategies to offset the brand’s plastic footprint with our past and/or ongoing impact projects focussed on plastic waste recovery, channelisation and recycling, like takeback and Deposit Refund system projects.

Balancing the Footprint

To balance its plastic footprint, the brand has to support the collection, channelisation and/or recycling of excess plastic waste from the environment. Recykal, then assigns these plastic waste recovery, channelisation, and/or recycling projects, with complete transparency and traceability, to the brand.

Become Plastic Neutral

After implementing the recovery projects and offsetting its plastic footprint, the brand receives the plastic neutrality certificate from Recykal. This is a credible recognition that the brand has actually committed to and successfully offset its total plastic footprint. 

Along with the Plastic neutrality certification, we provide a detailed description and metrics on how it has directly or indirectly impacted one or more of the 17 SDGs established by the United Nations in 2015. We also offer a comprehensive approach for the brand to reduce its waste at source wherever possible.


Licious serves as an inspiring example of how brands can proactively address the plastic pollution crisis by achieving plastic neutrality. Through its partnership with Recykal, Licious has made a tangible and lasting impact on the environment while setting a benchmark for other industry players for responsible business practices.

Is your brand committed to combating plastic pollution and negating its plastic footprint? Take tangible action today, by going plastic-neutral with Recykal. Talk to our experts to know more.

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