How to reduce your plastic waste footprint at home?

How to reduce your plastic waste footprint at home?
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The journey of plastic waste starts from your home and the best place to channelise it for recycling with its best properties is also within your hands before it lands in the dustbin. Here is a quick guide on how to reduce your plastic waste footprint at home.

The destiny of plastic from your hands to the landfill or the sea can be changed to recycling with a small conscious effort for our environment.

1. Conscious Buying

Think before you buy a sachet or half-liter pouch if you are going to need a larger portion anyway. This reduces 1 container/packaging going to waste.

2. Conscious Discarding

Disposing of plastic packaging items is a day-to-day routine activity. Empty/remove contents inside the plastic container.

3. Conscious Storage

Don’t just throw away the plastic into the dump corner. The box, bag, shelf space that you use for storing post usage plastic should be kept as clean and neat as the rest of your household.

4. Conscious Reflection

Place a label/placard over the plastic storage place stating “My effort for clean earth” and feel proud every time to glance at it during your Work from Home.

5. Conscious Disposal

Find organisations that will take care of sending the plastic waste to recyclers. Use tech solutions like UZED mobile app to make the process hassle-free.

Following tips will help you store more plastic in less space

Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 7.54.57 PM.png

Do take a snap of the plastic collected before you dispose of it and share it with us on social media @Recykal with #mybit4cleanearth

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