Greenhouse built from PET Bottle Scrap in Arunachal Pradesh

Greenhouse built from PET Bottle Scrap in Arunachal Pradesh
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A first of its kind project was successfully implemented in the Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh. A greenhouse was constructed using PET bottle scrap. This project had a very positive impact on the local community.

This greenhouse was built on 15th August 2020, initiating reuse and recycling of PET bottle scrap. The Arunachal Pradesh government was able to achieve this innovation by teaming up with Recykal. It has been an incredible journey right from the collection of PET bottle scrap to constructing a greenhouse from it.

The local waste collectors were an integral part of this process. This project was designed to increase awareness and increase wellness and support for the waste workers.

Green House made of PET Bottle Scrap

Recykal – Supporting Local Communities

We aim to create a ground breaking shift by raising awareness and promoting proper training to all the local communities. This training will focus on the environmental and remunerative benefits of effective waste channeling.

The main motive to build Green House from PET bottle waste was to benefit the waste pickers as well as the environment. The yield from this greenhouse is distributed to the families of local waste collectors, free of cost, from time to time. About 9-11 families of waste collectors in the vicinity enjoy the fresh vegetables currently.

Recykal is now focused on creating awareness abount recycling plastic waste while trying to create a robust channel of waste management. At the time, strengthening the livelihood of local waste pickers.

Awareness about Recycling Plastic

Recykal believes in ensuring better processing of plastic waste by working with a holistic approach. By extending the awareness to all stakeholders in the waste management system. They include everyone right from the waste generators, aggregators as well as recyclers.

It all starts with a small step of segregating everyday waste diligently, then, there are so many ways to reuse and recycle plastic waste.

This greenhouse built with PET bottle scrap is just one such idea of recycling plastic scrap, instead of dumping it in landfills and creating a hazardous impact on the environment.

Green House Plantation at Arunachal Pradesh

Recykal Final Output: Green House made of PET bottle waste with proper guidance has made a great impact on agriculture, environment, local waste pickers & mostly has created awareness about recycling plastic. Team Recykal looks forward to many more projects like this one, where we can help in implementation and boost plastic recycling.

If you are a local ULB, a PIBO or a Community leader looking forward to create such innovative solutions in your jurisdiction, get in touch with us to know more about how we can help you in better procurement and utilization of resources.

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