Podcast with Ulhas Parlikar on Waste for co-processing

Podcast with Ulhas Parlikar on Waste for co-processing
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In episode 9 of Recykal Rise, we have with us Mr. Ulhas Parlikar. A subject matter expert with Nearly 4 decades of experience in various sectors, he has and continues to serve in many panels, be it academic or industry, center or state level, national or international forums- be it management of plastic wastes, waste to energy or  pre-processing and co-processing of wastes in cement kilns, training trainers of the ULBs and SPCBs on the Waste Management Rules – a pretty wide spectrum

We have with us Mr Ulhas Parlikar who Until recently was the Deputy Head of Geocycle India and presently a Global Consultant for  Waste Management, Circular Economy, Policy Advocacy & Co-processing.

The Government of India appointed him as an expert member on several committees constituted by it including the panel to draft the Waste Management Rules notified in 2016.

You can listen to the podcast here

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