Data Quality for EPR

Data Quality for EPR
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EPR or Extended Producer Responsibility is a necessary tool to ensure waste generators consciously and sustainably dispose of or recycle their waste. To have an EPR framework for brands to follow is of utmost importance and Data quality for EPR is even more important.

For a country as vast as India, implementation of EPR requires a comprehensive, accurate, and quality database, to make informed decisions.

The new guidelines on Uniform Framework for Extended Producers Responsibility (Under Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016), propose the establishment of a New National Registry, which is both a registration system and a database that is essential for monitoring waste management in India.

The quality, accuracy, transparency of data is of utmost importance in designing, planning, and proposing the necessary strategies and steps of EPR implementation for brands to ensure 100% EPR compliance.

In the UK, the recent reforms proposed in EPR implementation are under review, to ensure the reforms are effectively implemented by 2023. During the consultation and review process, the importance of high-quality data was highlighted which is both beneficial for the governing bodies to monitor and for the waste generator to know what they are paying the price for.

Availability of accurate and quality data is instrumental in ensuring effective implementation of any present or future EPR reforms/schemes.

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