Chandigarh is all set to Practice Plastic Waste Management

Chandigarh is all set to Practice Plastic Waste Management
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Chandigarh ranks 16 among the cleanest cities in India. But when it comes to Waste Management, the main question is how aware the city is about waste segregation and recycling!

There is a very fine and thick line between littering and proper disposal of waste. To address this issue and make people aware of this line, WeCare, in association with Recyckal launched a Plastic Waste Management Awareness drive in Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh. The attendees participated in a cyclotron which raised awareness among the citizens about the importance of waste management.  

The drive that took place on 28th of February 2021, opened the citizens eyes regarding how important it is to not only keep the city clean but also be aware of what they are throwing in the waste bins.

The participants were each given a plastic waste collection bag made of jute that contained a few compartments, to hold different types of waste. This helped them understand that each type of waste needs to be disposed off differently. Additionally, they learned that plastic needs to be collected and sent through proper channels where it’ll be recycled or reused for other purposes. We have taken the first step towards inculcating sustainable practices in the citizens.

Undoubtedly, Chandigarh is known for its cleanliness. Our aim through this programme is to also rank it for smartness in terms of waste segregation, disposal and recycling. This is becoming possible with the support of 11 leading FMCG brands, Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee and Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh, and our local implementation partner, Green Dream Foundation.

Recykal is all about making brands and citizens aware of plastic waste management. In order for that to happen, we offer all possible solutions from IEC activities for brands to fulfil responsibilities to Uzed mobile application where citizens can recycle their waste.

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