5 Major Challenges in Plastic Waste Recycling

5 Major Challenges in Plastic Waste Recycling
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Plastic waste recycling is the reprocessing of plastic waste into new and useful products. The effective performance of plastic recycling can

  • Protect the environment,
  • Reduce the dependence on landfills
  • Conserve resources from plastic pollution and
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Challenges of Plastic Waste Recycling

It is well known that plastic recycling is an important part and can give various advantages especially protecting our environment. But do you know the challenges faced during the process of plastic recycling?

Have a look at the below listed challenges that the industry faces during recycling

  1. Limited Availability of Quality Material:

There are 7 different kinds of plastic available in a typical waste stream and each type has a varied degradation behavior. Due to the lack of such information, producers combine all the compounds together in the manufacturing process. As a result, the recycling process becomes difficult leading to incineration which is a major waste of valuable resources.

2. Gap in Demand & Supply:

Lack of awareness creates barriers to plastic waste collection. The waste pickers struggle in collecting the plastic waste & often ignore collecting certain plastic wastes due to low payment value.

In order to bridge this gap, we have provided a digital platform called Recykal Marketplace, where you can find the best prices to buy or sell your recyclable materials.

3. Lack of waste segregation at source:

Sorting wastes by hand is the oldest and simplest method of segregating plastic. In developing countries like India, it requires manual segregation for each type of plastic before recycling takes place. This leads to an inefficient and inconsistent in sorting process.

4. Lack of Proper Technology

Recycling has come up a long way in various countries. But still, multiple countries (especially developing countries) lag behind in terms of technology. The lower sources of technology ultimately affect the level of the recycling process.

5. Lack of Proper Industrial Expertise

Improper industrial experience in plastic waste recycling leads to various challenges faced by the workers. The new equipment & unclear expertise turns the working into a complicated system. This indeed results in one of the biggest hurdles in plastic recycling management.

Solutions for Effective plastic waste recycling:

  1. Educating manufacturers about the various category of plastics, thousands of polymer options & their specific chemical properties. Also, the number of plastic manufacturing processes that have been developed to cover the applications of plastic.
  2. Creating appropriate awareness and providing an organized employment opportunity for the waste pickers. Based on this issue, Recykal has come up with a unique platform – RISE for the welfare of the informal sector community. From employment to long-term financial security, team Recykal has all the options covered.
  3. An operations manager with specific hands-on plastic recycling industry experience can bring drastic changes. The knowledge of operating new machinery equipment & its working can build up the skills of employees.
  4. Conducting a set of diversified activities to educate the group of unorganized sectors about the employment concept. Offering a better livelihood and hiring for the required role needed in the6 plastic recycling process.
  5. Identifying a skilled individual who can enhance the skills of the workers will help in overcoming the lack of industrial expertise. The working of new equipment can be explained by operational management will boost the outcome of plastic waste recycling.

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