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HUL turns to recycled PET Bottle scrap for packaging
HUL to use recycled plastic in their packaging
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The consumption of home care products is unstoppable in a world where the population is increasing drastically. This consumption also generates tons of pet bottle scrap. When the harmful effects are known, it is mandatory to think about sustainable ways to tame these effects by recycling pet bottles.

One of the leading home care products manufacturers, HUL, has been taking valuable steps to fulfill its responsibility of safe recovery and recycling of pet bottle scrap. The latest update on their sustainable activities is inculcating the use of recycled pet bottles.

As their business escalates, so does their plastic footprint. Therefore a transition was essential to stay aligned with the clean future principles of the organization. Thus, through strategic partnerships, Unilever has resolved to reduce its dependency on virgin plastic and therefore trim down the net plastic waste generated by them.

They have succeeded in tracing and procuring post-consumer plastic waste and are progressively using it to make recyclable bottles for their popular detergent brand Surf Excel. These bottles are made from 50% post-consumer recycled pet plastic while using 100% biodegradable actives in their formulation.

Today, the customers have also become aware of the impact that untreated plastic waste has on our environment. Thus they prefer brands that are sustainable and put in constant effort towards becoming more and more sustainable. Unilever has shown tremendous impact in making a sustainable change right from the basics that is recycled pet packaging and sourcing.

HUL is now committed to recycling 1 lakh tons of plastic through an EPR program. This also requires enabling the collection of pet plastic scrap from all the states & union territories across the country, which HUL has established through partnerships with PROs like us who help to fill in the gaps in plastic waste management.

Are you a brand based in India, looking for efficient ways to reduce your plastic footprint?

In a digital era, wherein digital waste management platforms are at your service, right from procuring pet bottle scrap to recycling it into a greener future, all you have to do is take a small sustainable step.

The accumulated waste can be easily disposed of using the Recykal Marketplace App. The Marketplace platform enables transactions that help in bridging the gap between the demand and supply, i.e between waste generators and recyclers, processors, and energy recovering facilities.

The platform provides category-specific buyers/sellers, based on location, accessibility, and more with transparency, traceability, and access to a large network of vendors at the tip of your fingers.

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